Ban Appeal: Beridot

SS14 account: Beridot
Character name: It was some kind of drone name (IDK)
When was the ban: Sometime during 1-2 AM after I left.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I found a salvage with with plasma in it as drone, carried it into a airlock and released it. Left for a minute came back to and saw that someone was going through the same airlock, Plasma is gone. Vented into space most likely.  
Why you think you should be unbanned:  No. I dont bring anything to the community besides another player playing your game.; Was the ban unfair? I think its a extreme reaction, at most a 24 hour ban for a little infraction.
As for the reason I should be unbanned; Im not exactly sure, I know not the best reason but I dont have control over this matter besides my plead out to the admins. But I believe that this does not warrant a ban.
Anything else we should know: A. No one died. 
B. It is a first time ban and I dont have a previous record of self-antagging (atleast to the extent that I am aware of.)
and C. Just incase I dont get unbanned I want to know the thoughts of the admin who banned me. just a step by step run through. 

Have a nice day!

We do permabans when we aren’t able to AHelp. I apologize that it seems more serious than it’s meant to be. 

Thank you for your appeal, you are unbanned. 

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