Ban appeal BetterForget - Participated in a seemingly admin approved server-wide coup and got banned for it

Ban reason: Participated in a server-wide coup.
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: It was a quiet round, and stuff happened unbeknownst to me and suddenly all the heads declared a coup against HOS and security. I did not orginally join as I was the paramedic, so I focused on rescuing and healing. It was first in security when I noticed a lot of guys getting murdered by warden I joined in and hit him a few times with a crowbar. I did not kill him. Then there was the QM in medbay, he was being attacked and cuffed by a security cadet a dozen minutes later, and since CMO was on the same team as QM, I had to step in. I shot the cadet, but accidentally killed him. No worries, I healed him immediately, after cuffing him, but he had already SSD’d. Later, I was in medbay healing, when I noticed my chemist being attacked by a guy in HoS clothing. When he tried to cuff the chemist, I shot him uncoscious, cuffed him, and patched him up. He was angry and complained it was self-defence because the chemist had injected him with… medicine, thinking it was toxins, and assaulted my fellow chemist… in a coup. That’s when he ragequit and I got banned out of nowhere.
Reason the ban should be removed: The admin, mushroom something, did not even bother hearing me out. He said, “did you participate” “yes” banned. If the captain, HOP, QM, and RD, all initiated a coup, why am I to be blamed? Is it not the admins responsibility to inform the players that this is not Admin approved? They literally said kill security, and I only killed 1 secoff on accident but patched them up immediately (in cuffs), and I get punished for the actions of others. If the admin actually took time to listen, I would tell him what I did, but he stigmatised me and banned me indefinitely in seconds. I did not leave them dead, I literally healed them, as is in accordance with my IC character. I think it was poor judgement and unfair to ban me for this. 

Hi BetterForget,

There were no admins online at the time, and thus could not be approved or denied- etc. Due to the nature of what had transpired that round, and how many were involved- we had to hand out several wave bans for those who attacked other players throughout the logs in wave one in relation to security. The second wave, we reviewed the replay for all mentioned players and are currently accumulating the context prior to the combat and killing of several other players.

Although your particular situation, you may not be directly involved- you were hit by the wave due to attacking security and leading to a critting of that player directly from your actions alone.

Several other players have been wave-banned and we are reviewing the replays further and further to gather information on all sides, but we understand that the Captain was the primary start point for this explosive round.

Players that were marked or hit were hit with an appeal-ban so that we could review their intentions and context for attacking several other crew members on what was a Traitor round.

The round is being combed through for all information that can be gathered and anything correlating to this incident, as the round quality was severely affected and many players were put into an undesirable position from the actions of the self-antagging mob.

For logging purposes, this incident occurred on Round 35746 and you may download the replay at the following link below. 

The brig raid was conducted at the timestamp around 01:16:00 in which Cargo had pushed Security and proceeded to kill several players.

From the massive influx of sudden adminhelps flooding the relay, a majority of admins responded and logged on to investigate.

Hi BetterForget,

After investigating further, we’ve changed your ban length from indefinite to a 3-day ban due to involvement in this situation.

You may login within 3 days from now.

This ban was reduced by the banning admin. Wizard’s Den Banning Policy allows banning admins to process appeals of their own bans in certain situations.

One of the requirements for processing your own appeal is that the ban be within ban guidelines. A 3 day ban is within the ban guidelines for a first offense of participating in a revolution.

If you believe the ban was the result of bias, or if you dispute any facts that led to the ban, including the claim that you participated in a revolution, you can appeal your 3 day ban by creating a new appeal. If you decide to appeal your 3 day ban, you can copy this appeal and update the ban length as long as the “events leading to the ban” and “reason the ban should be removed” are both still accurate for the 3 day ban. If they are not accurate and you’d like to appeal the 3 day ban, please rewrite them so that they are accurate.

Wizard’s Den makes round replays available. The replay from the relevant round can be downloaded at: Reviewing and citing timestamps from the replay may allow an appeal to be processed faster:

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