Ban Appeal: Chemistry Role

SS14 account username: CoBalt
Role(s): Chemist
Date of ban: 12/06/2023
Length of ban: Permanint
Events leading to the ban: I finished making massive amounts of medicine (as my role is suposed to do) and decided to make more complex chemicals, I tried doing phlogistol (pyrotecnic) as I had extra plasma from making dex+ and decided to put it in an extinguisher that someone gave me. Then I tried to spray it and it burned someone. After that I sprayed other people (2 people) as I thought  that the shuttle was going away and that the game was going to end soon but it was not. Though this is not an excuse for doing that as i could have killed people and commited self-antagonism.
Reason the ban should be removed: I think that the ban is completly fair and understandable but I would like to have a second oportunity as the role of chemist is one of the few that I’m good at. If I need to spend more time with the ban it’s more than fair and hopefully you consider my appology to not try chemicals on innocent people.

We’re not entertaining an appeal on this roleban just under five hours after it happened. Appeal again in a week with some playtime and a decent track record of no issues.

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