Ban appeal. [Doyle]

SS14 account username: Doyle
Ban reason: Left mid-ahelp, murdered HoS for being SSD.
Date of ban: [I’m not completely sure, its been a while.]
Length of ban: [Appeal only, Perma.]
Events leading to the ban: The actual HoS was fully braindead, so, I, as the warden took his position, and I will admit I went a bit far, as I ordered the HoS to be killed.
Reason the ban should be removed: I understand that what I did was bad, but, I’d also like to say, that it wasn’t Mid-ahelp, the admin hadn’t said anything for a full minute and I had already read what he had told me to, I left because I didn’t feel like waiting for the next round and had irl things to deal with.

[I’d also like to add, sorry if this isn’t where I’m meant to post this appeal, I’ve never been good with forum posting.]

Ban date was July 11, 2022.

You did post this in the correct spot. Thanks!

Hi Doyle,

We’ve gone over your appeal and have come to a verdict, of which  we will be lifting this ban.

In your situation, due to the HoS being SSD and as the Warden, it’s fine to have taken over their position, however killing them while they were SSD was a bit iffy. Due to the situation and seemingly to be in good faith as the Warden, we’ve gone ahead and unbanned you. 

Try to avoid killing SSD players! Many individuals leave throughout confrontation with admins randomly, so they’re met with an appeal ban to explain themselves on the forums rather than an actual permanent ban, a common misconception. 

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