Ban appeal - FINALLY got a good behaviour voucher

SS14 account username: Hmeister
Ban reason: Back in mid-2022 has a shit character name, got asked to change it, changed it to another vulgar thing and got temp banned, then tried to ban evade.
Date of ban: Mid 2022
Length of ban: Appeal + Voucher
Events leading to the ban: Already said
Reason the ban should be removed: I got the voucher, am now a competent SS14’er and play on all the servers mostly other than Wizden (cause I’m banned)



This voucher is fairly non-descriptive and not exactly verifiable. We are particularly interested in:

  • What is Apocalypse? Is it an SS13/14 server? Is it still active?
  • How long is this supposed playtime over the course of (“a bit” sounds to me like a week or two)? How long have you been an administrator there?
  • Who are these two individuals granting the voucher? Are they representative of the administrative staff there?

Apocalypse station (SS14) it’s pretty active seeing on average 15 pop at peak hours
About 3 weeks (Playing) 2 days (Trial Admin’ing)
Berserk Enjoyer is  Akira Shiroyanagi#2428 (In Apoc Game master (Head Admin))
circuitlover98 is execute7132 (In Apoc is Game master, head maintainer and the person who actually runs the server)
Also, it has literally almost been 2 years, I want to finally play upstream and I’m much, much, more experienced in the game than I was before, and am definitely not a shitter anymore.


23 hours ago, Hmeister said:

About 3 weeks (Playing) 2 days (Trial Admin’ing)

The “Apocalypse Station” server has been running and being advertised on the hub for less than 3 weeks. I believe its exactly 2 weeks today.

I hope you come to a correct conclusion, if you feel that after close to 2 years I am still a shitter who tried to ban evade you can keep me banned, but I feel that it would be fair to assume that isn’t the case. You are all very good people who just want to keep SS14 or at least the wizden servers clear of people who make the game unfun to play for others or dissuade new players from joining the community, and if you think that I am one of those people, then you must be correct and I am sorry for wasting your time.

Its been long enough. Accepted. Please review the rules before playing again.

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