Ban Appeal for ChaChaRealRough

Ban Reason: Metacomming suspicion
Length: Appeal
Events Leading to ban: I started round as technician assistant, helped set up the singularity. I got bored and start to wander around the station. I found the chef dragging a pig and I asked if he wanted a sloth I was dragging around and he said sure. I got bored after I gave it to him and starting trying to find other animals to drag to the kitchen, which included a monkey and a racoon. After that I started looking for another animal but couldnt find one so i just wandered around a bit until I decided to suicide and find a funny animal to inhabit. I became smile and escaped science and started hanging out around kitchen as slime for the free food and chef tolerated me, then I started dragging a body to the kitchen, admin questions what i was doing. I explain that i was just dragging the body to the kitchen. I explained that if it was a problem for me to do that, that id stop doing it. He later claims after 15 minutes that I was under suspicion of metacomming with chef for bringing bodies, even though I did it under my own accord and no one asked me to do it. I was just hanging around the area and I thought it was silly to drag someone to the butcher (i honestly thought he was mad at me for self-antag but i guess not). He might have thought i was coordinating with the chef, even though i wasn’t. The admin didn’t bring up any thing else that I recall, and since I was a slime, I didn’t think I needed a reason to do something I thought was silly.

Reason for appeal: I don’t believe that the metacomming suspicion was valid, I was doing my own thing the entire time and I thought it was funny to mess around near the kitchen to see what the chefs would do. I could try to RP better, cause it was kinda a fail RP for me hanging out near the kitchen, then dying, and then becoming a slime to hang around the kitchen again, but I was not metacomming. I don’t believe I should be perma banned for something like that, but I’ll make sure to avoid situations like my fail RP so it doesn’t look like Im metacomming. 

The other players involved in this were:

  • SplendorBlendor
  • Roastedchestnut

IC names can be provided if you don’t know who any of these players are in-game.

Do you know any of the players that were involved in this outside of the game?

Do you know or frequently interact with any of the players that were involved in this within the game?

I don’t know the players outside of the game

Inside the game, I’ve interacted with Roasted (IGN Roasted Nutman I assume?) I’ve seen him around a few times in the server but not outside the game. I have no idea who the other person is, not even a clue as who they were in the whole situation either.


The IC names of the players are

  • Tree Wisington
  • Inhales-The-Chloroform
  • Atypoides Diversicolor
  • Roasted Nutman

Not a clue when it comes to Atypoides Diversicolor or Inhales-The-Chloroform. If I interacted with them before I do not recall, but the names themselves aren’t familiar to me.

I am familiar with Roasted Nutman, that round he was the chef and I’ve seen him other times when I was on. 

Tree Wisington I vaguely recognize from the name, I don’t think I’ve seen him that many times but I remember the name because it was funny to me.

I should also note the only name I recognized during the round I was banned from was Roasted Nutman, if any of the other names were there, I did not notice them, but they could have been there.

All three of these appeals concern the same incident so I am just going to use the same reply for all of them:

There are some significant suspicions based upon available information that you might be metacomming with one another. Naturally this is very difficult for us to definitively prove without a doubt, thus the appeal process. The primary factors are:

  • Connections/playtime overlapping fairly frequently and at very similar times
  • Receiving items or assistance from other players without any in-game communication taking place
  • Performing actions that seem coordinated without any in-game communication

There was a prior suspicion of metacommunication stemming from an incident where other administrators noted that somehow, two of you as nuclear operatives with a hidden ID managed to get the third who was playing chemist to deliver complex healing foam chemicals to you without any communication whatsoever.

These appeals are accepted, however any further suspicion of metacommunication is likely going to result in a voucher ban. I would strongly suggest that if you are in fact communicating outside the game that you don’t do that.

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