Ban Appeal for ChuddyAryanson

SS14 account username: ChuddyAryanson
Ban reason: “Use of slurs, 0 tolerance”
Date of ban: 6/9/2023
Length of ban: Indefinite
Events leading to the ban: On 2 separate occasions in the same round I said the soft N word to my friends that i know outside the game.

Reason the ban should be removed: I am aware of the “0 tolerance rule”, but I was not aware that also extended to the soft N word in jest to my friends. Now knowing that I will not use any words that i suspect of causing offense or issue.

The administrative team has decided to not accept this appeal at this time. You may appeal in no earlier than in two weeks from now.

Please understand that even if you are talking to your friends, there are other people playing this game that might overhear your conversation. Additionally, Slurs and hate speach have no reason being in this game and we take a very strict stance on the matter.

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