Ban appeal for Fudgeano

Ban Appeal

Account: Fudgeano

SS14 account: Fudgeano.

Character name: Jessica Seguin.

Type of Ban: Wizard server ban.

Date of Ban and Duration: Was one week, but now it’s permanent.

Reason for Ban: I was being a jerk doing self-anta stuff, and I tried to create another account to play on other server (not Wizard’s server), cuz I though I got banned for the whole game.

Server you were playing on when banned: All server Lizard.

Your side of the story: Like I said clearly to the admin, I wanted to see what looks like to be a jerk, I know I have also said bad thing in other days like being killed after 5 min from a syndi, but it is what is it. After that ban I though a was ban for the whole game, so I created another account to play on other server and I saw it worked, then I join a Wizard server by curiosity, but I learn there it only a ban for Wizard, I hope I’m clear haha.

Why you think you should be unbanned: well I wouldn’t write a ban appeal if it was only a week, but seeing that I am perma ban, because I was confuse if it was only a ban from Wizard server or the whole game, and I totally agree on that decision about you think I tried, but it really wasn’t my goal I’m not that kind of kid.

Anything else we should know: I posted the ban message in my appeal for for detail. If there is other thing you wanna talk or clarify let me know.
Here also my discord name: Fudgeano#1771 if needed.

Thank you to consider me.


We do not appreciate users who immediately attempt to evade bans instead of utilizing proper channels to appeal them. You waited an entire three minutes before you tried to ban evade and connect to Wizard’s Den again.

The tolerance for ban evasion at Wizard’s Den is zero. You may only appeal this ban with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server and only 6 months after your last evasion attempt (06/02/2023).

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