Ban Appeal for Knife Attack

SS14 account username: Chuffin
Ban reason: “Going on a knife attacking spree then disconnecting as soon as arrested”
Date of ban: 1/5/22
Length of ban: Appeal-Only

Events leading to the ban: I was running around the station stabbing myself. This is because I realized I couldn’t actually hurt myself. This also lead to an animation of a puff of smoke behind my character as I was running. I had crossed paths with another person on accident and stabbed them. I kept walking, but eventually realized I was being chased. I had to get off because I had to get ready for work. Had I had more time I would have rp’d the arrest and not done it again. 

Reason the ban should be removed: Unless there’s other reasons behind the appeal-only, I can understand a temp ban. I don’t think I should be perm’d because I won’t repeat the behavior. The only other time afaik that I’ve attacked another player was when I played space cadet and a clown purposefully tripped me then took an item I was holding. In the knife situation, I don’t think I had injured any other character. I may have, but the only character I did was the one before I got chased. Was this stupid? Totally, but I wouldn’t do it again.

Date of ban: 1/5/23*

After thinking about this: I realize the crux of why I was banned was because I arrest evaded. I realize what I should’ve done is AHelped and explained that I had to get off or even just ooc’d and said, “Hey, I would RP this, but I have to go”. At the time when I logged out I didn’t think of the outcomes. I also hadn’t realized I may’ve gotten banned until I was in the middle of my irl work shift. If you want a voucher of good behavior contact the Nyanotrasen team as I’ve had quite a few good (imo) rp experiences on there.


I’m a relatively new player. Not in the sense that I don’t understand the mechanics of SS, but in the sense that I don’t have a ton of hours nor have I been playing for a decade+. I started around 2020 on Goonstation and only logged tens of hours there. I only recently come back to the game. I’m okay with a perma/long-term ban would be served for my actions. However, I have read the rules multiple times. Personally, I would prefer warnings for my behavior. While the rules make sense, certain things I’ve done in general fall into a gray area. With MRP I know that I need to act like an employee and do my job. I feel like there’s more of a gray area for LRP. Some actions seem to be fine EG getting items to survive endgame, but other actions seem iffy. So, I’d like more feedback for actions like making silly psychoactive drugs and dropping them everywhere or accidentally stabbing someone. If that’s not feesible then, again, I’ll just Ahelp. I’m sorry for the trouble this has caused, but I genuinely don’t want to cause issues.

Hi chuffin,

We’ve gone through your appeal, and have come to a verdict.  We will be lifting your ban.

Please remember our rules, and this has happened, there are many fun times to experience- but not at the expense of other players.

Learning the game as a new player the right way is much more fun for you and others than attacking other players for little to no reason, and we hope you’ll find enjoyment as others have in the game. 

From Accepted to Ban Appeals