Ban Appeal For Meta Coms

Account: TheRed

Character Name: Dink Spinkerton

Server: Lizard 

Date Ban Happened: 10/27/22

Me and my pal were playing space station while chatting over discord. We were using our vc to figure out where we were in the station so that we can do some greytide shenanigan’s together.  One of the admins noticed and acknowledged that we weren’t doing anything too dangerous with meta coms, but still advised that we appeal anyway. Regardless of ban or not our, intent was mostly to chill out and play together without being too excessive with damaging or harming other players.

That being said Imma do another read through of the rules to get a better understanding of what’s allowed and what’s not so that my friend and i can avoid problems like this in the future. Sorry again

P.S - If any of you would prefer to talk about this in the discord I’d be down. I feel as if situations involving bans could be better explained with a voice more than some text but I’ve pretty much covered everything needed within this appeal. 

<3 Dink Spinkerton (TheRed)

You seem to understand what it is you did wrong and why we ask players not to communicate outside of the game. Your note history details a lot of greytiding behavior but not much else, and if you were intent on being a shitter with this you’d have done so sooner. Going to go ahead and accept this appeal.

Please do not do it again, and be sure to give the rules a once over with your friend so you can both continue playing together. Your ban will be lifted shortly.

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