Ban Appeal for muchachomanjo


SS14 account: muchachomanjo

Admin: AWHayes
Character name: Quandale Dingle JR.
When was the ban:   7:15 3/22
Your side of the story:  

I would first like to apologize to Paul for lying to you, it was not a good reflection of my own character.  At the time I created the second account, I did not know that it was against your rules to do so.  So when I was banned for this act, that is what prompted me to lie.  I went back to read the rules afterwards and figured out the sad truth, I then felt bad.   
Why you think you should be unbanned: 

I didn’t want to negatively influence the game or anything of the sort.  I tried to stay up-to-date on what was going on in the community.  Seeing the new maps that have been added, Delta, Split, and Marathon, and the stamps for the Heads, and other changes like making clowns unable to use guns, tasers, etc.  I have watched clips of the stress testing on YouTube as well and have simply missed playing the game.  I have a decent amount of hours in the game (in proportion to my schedule) my FOMO from watching my friends have fun would only increase.  
Anything else we should know, include it here: 

If there is a way to make things up to the staff, just let me know because I would like to restart my journey playing this game.


Having made the second account, I thought I could get by with using a VPN, Which didn’t work obviously and I should have known better than that.  I have since gotten rid of the account by ways of randomizing the password and then deleting the it from my password doc that I have.  

I’m disappointed that, after you were banned for using an alt account and lied to an admin, you went ahead and tried to bypass the ban with another alt.

I don’t think you’re ready to come back.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals