Ban Appeal. Fuck

SS14 account username: [GerogeOfTheJungle] But I could only log onto this willowumthebillowum account for the forums site
Ban reason: [Ban evasion]
Date of ban: [Can’t remember]
Length of ban: [Perma]
Events leading to the ban: [I evaded ban and an admin found out, I think. I don’t remember too well]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Ok… I fucked up, I’m not gonna blame my meds or shit like that. I was originally banned for not being able to save someone from dying, he started metahating and I argued back. Admin told us to both stop, I did. He continued, we’re both ban for a week or something but admin said a few days. asked for a reduction to what was originally said and I got a longer ban. Messaged the dude I got banned with “Bruh” and he started saying “THIS IS BLATANT METAHATING” and shit like that. After that an admin banned me for longer, I feel like I hadn’t done anything wrong there but I’m gonna apologise. After that I started digging my own grave with a post on here. I just wanna play on a server where I don’t need to learn russian, or one with actuall players dude. I’m sorry, I’ll make sure this shit does’nt happen again. I just wanna be chill, not so serious about the game anymore.]

If you are unbanned what account will you be playing on?


7 hours ago, willowthebillowum said:


it took me several months to realise my name was spelled wrong

After consulting internally and reaching out to the administrator of the Mining Station server where you were recently banned we have concluded that you will need a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server to appeal your ban. We have a zero tolerance policy for ban evasion resulting in a 6 month ban length minimum. You were banned on August 6th, 2022 on Geroge. Out of good faith it seems fair not to count your more recent connections under that name as ban evasion since you’re appealing now, but that definitely initially was ban evasion and is being treated as such.

You may appeal no sooner than February 6th, 2023 with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13 or SS14 server. Please write your next appeal under the name GerogeOfTheJungle if you choose to make another one.

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