Ban Appeal, Icon69 "Not doing Job"

SS14 account: icon69

Character name: Korra Ray

Type of Ban: Job Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 2 days ago? 
Reason for Ban: No clue? dont see one (Chem)
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den WEST
Your side of the story: Made Two crates of meds for doctors and CMO in a surplus so I decided to make water and potassium bottles for self defence, “I never even used them, he knows he watched me”.  Admin said I wasnt doing my job because meds were not in chem room, it was in storage. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: I never broke any rule, I did my job and made self defense weapons, aswell as a spear dipped in posion, in which I did not get to use the whole round as there were no bad guys so we left on shuttle. This ban was truely unfair and I strongly believe it was a power trip from admin himself as I explained to him everything and Not once did he reason with me. Most if not all Chems make bombs/drugs and never make meds, and the one time I make a surplus amount of meds and then make a water/potassium bomb in self defense I get baned for it. 
Anything else we should know:  Admin gave me no heads up, just said you aint playing chem no more. 


I’ll drop a few more bits of info but leave the decision up to other admins of course.

  1. The job ban is for a week, not permanent.

  2. Like you said, no bad guys, so no reason to make potassium and water bottles, and poison dipped spears as a chemist.

  3. I definitely did try to reason with you, and explain that chemists make medicine, and scientists get to do all the fun chemical nonsense.

I even told you that you were free to finish out the round however you wanted to, and that you could still play out the round as a Chemist.


  1. I was not told it was a week, you said a long time.

  2. And why not be prepared for the worst? I had everything in the back just in case and I never used anything. 

  3. I made plenty of medicine, there were three chems and I was the only one who consistlely made meds. I dont know where the other two fucked off to and one did not even make any meds but space drugs and left. 

Yet again, I see chems making everything but meds till this day but here we are. I make a surplus of all meds and decide to make self defense tools in the event of an emergency and I get bitten in the ass for it. 

SS14 account: icon69

Character name: Korra Ray

Type of Ban: Ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 1 days ago
Reason for Ban: Job Ban Evasion
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard Den WEST
Your side of the story: I let an admin know our current chemist was making drugs and not meds in which the admins said was fine. The chem was then later arrested by sec and removed by CMO for not making meds, and they asked me to fill in as there were no Chems as he was the solo chemist.  

Why you think you should be unbanned: This was an unintentional job ban evasion, I mean I called the admin to watch the situation, I literally was just gonna fill in to make meds for the lack of chemist and did not think anything of it. Admin also antagonsited me by saying this was my agst against chem, the chemist was fine but gets removed and arrested minutes later? It was a literal spare of the moment and did not realize it was job ban evasion. 

Well that became rather open and shut, didn’t it?

You were given a ban on chemist, preventing you from using the chemical dispensers. You then proceeded to use the chemical dispensers. I don’t understand the disconnect there. You were told not to do something, you did the thing, and you got banned for it.

I wanted to remove your jobban early but this needs to stay.

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