Ban appeal in game

SS14 account: Xekoir
Character name: Oliver Walker
When was the ban: 25.02.2020
Your side of the story: Playing game as cargo, telling randomly to everyone word night to check their reaction.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I can offer you saying all n-words to other like Might instead of night if you think its anyways racism.
Anything else we should know: metalgearsloth banned me. And I said word night like 4-5 times in not same round.


I’m gathering from the mention of n-word that you were banned for using racial slurs. I get English might not be your first language but can you please make this ban appeal stronger. "word night " doesn’t really mean anything and regardless, your reason for wanting unbanned is not particularly strong.

If you’ve broken the rules we need to see some accountability and an actual reason why we should let you back on our servers.


I may do errors in spelling, once I said word “nig” and I thinked its not an actual racial slur and fixed it to “night”, but after 5 hours when I got banned I checked this information and it was true. Im sorry for telling that word to anyone who was infront of me, im playing on this server plenty of time and still learning new words.

From Accepted to Ban Appeals