Ban appeal - Murder

SS14 account username: Professor_Hanky_Spanky
Role(s): Security (Mainly Warden)
Date of ban: 5/7/23
Length of ban: 1 week
Events leading to the ban: A man named Jack Pierson was fired by the HoS from security for being incompetent. Around 15 minutes later a clown was assaulted with a baton for theft. Following these 2 events, a crowd of 9-10 people, including Jack Pierson, gathered outside of security and began rioting. All 4 security entrance doors were emagged, thus leading to me believing there could be syndicate members in the crowd. We began to consolidate security and tried to put a flasher in the walkway between the main hallway and security, but it proved ineffective. A rioter said in local chat “If any of them try to arrest us we’ll gang up on them”. Following this comment, and the possibility that syndicate members may be in the crowd, I ordered lethals to be retrieved, and retrieved a shotgun for myself.  Once I got into the lethals section of the armory, a security officer named Sam Irons was reportedly assaulted by several rioters and severely injured, further escalating the situation. While exiting the armory, a prisoner who had been freed from the holding cell in the courtroom ran up and started harassing me. I told him he was going to be released either way as he had served his prison sentence while waiting for trial, but as I exited the armory he punched me twice. I then turned around and shot him. Once he collapsed and I confirmed his death, I said something akin to “What did you think was going to happen?”
Reason the ban should be removed: The riot was indeed violent, and was a threat to both station security and the wellbeing of the security officers inside of the security sector. When I walked out of that armory, there were 4 rioters inside of security in the immediate vicinity of me and the man who assaulted me. If they ganged up on me and I were to go down, I would lose control of that shotgun, and the lives of every other security officer would be at great risk. I tried to move past him, but was assaulted, and reacted by firing at him until he went down. The other rioters did not join in once I shot the offender, and thus I did not fire at any of them. Once the riot was cleared, I ordered lethals to be returned to armory, and asked for an engineer to come and try to fix the doors. I was assaulted during a high stress situation where the loss of any firearm to the rioters, who had already tried to kill a security officer, could lead to multiple deaths and injuries, or possibly even the loss of the security sector. I acted in defense of myself and the security branch.

Hi, I’m looking through logs for this incident.

I’m not able to find anyone saying “If any of them try to arrest us we’ll gang up on them” but I was able to find someone say “Attack the ones that try to cuff us”. Was this what you were referring to or was there another chat message?

The series of events around the shooting seem to be:

  • You say “You were gonna be let out either way, you served a sentence from waiting alone”
  • You enter combat mode
  • Prisoner punches the warden once
  • You shoot the prisoner twice, the second shot puts them into crit
  • You shoot the prisoner again, causing them to die
  • You shoot again, missing because the prisoner is dead

To the best of your knowledge, is this an accurate description of the events? What causes you to decide to enter combat mode before being hit? Why do you continue to shoot the prisoner after they’re put into crit?

After hearing that an officer had been assaulted by multiple rioters, I expected the same to happen either to me or another officer who had exited earlier, so I was preparing for the possibility of having to use my shotgun. I didn’t expect it to happen the second I walked out of the armory.


For the message logs, that message you found sounds right. They said something akin to that, and it prompted me to gear security up in case they went on the offensive

Forgot to answer the last question as I was multitasking when typing the response. Upon being assaulted I reacted by firing until the target was most certainly neutralized. My focus was on removing the threat, not on how many shells I spent to do so. To make a long story short, panic reaction. 

The admin team has decided to accept this appeal.

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