Ban Appeal - Player HollowPearl (Permanent for welding sec doors...)

Ban reason: I was bored and wanted to fuck with sec by welding the doors
Length of ban: P.E.R.M.A from all wizard den servers basically a game ban at that point.
Events leading to the ban: I came home, got bored didnt know what to play so I just jumped on ss14, was playing it for around 2 hours and was tired of not getting an ANTAG role, cause I was getting tired of doing the same thing over and over again with sec and medical and just wanted to fuck with people at the time, so instead under the impression that self antaging would fall under mass destruction like a bomb or something, I just went and welded sec doors, then got AHELP’d with an admin, and proceeded to fuck with him I had no intent of attitude but more so just trying to piss him off which I will admit, didnt work he kept his cool but FUCKING PERMA?
Reason the ban should be removed: All I did was weld sec doors and didnt listen like a child cause I was bored, I fully expected a ban but a 3 day or a week one, I came on today to check and saw it was A PERMA, FOR WELDING.

After placing this to a vote and discussion within the administration. 

We believe you have a seriously concerning history of behaviour, you are aggressive towards admins during contact, and have a long history of being generally an absolute nightmare to players who do not follow your whims. 

This combined with the abject lack of seriousness in your appeal, as well as again it’s aggressive nature and attitude shows us that you are only going to continue this pattern. 

We the admin team have decided to deny this appeal, and upgrade your ban to a voucher ban for these reasons. 


A voucher ban requires you to wait six months from the date of the ban (today: 15/1/2024)  and can only be appealed with a voucher of good behaviour from another well known / established space station 14 or space station 13 server, appeals made without a voucher will not be accepted. 


Appeal denied, voucher ban applied.

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