Ban Appeal (revised)

SS14 account:TheBukakkeGamer

Character name:Jamari Hawking (Not entirely sure if this is right or not)
When was the ban: 3/19/22
Server you were playing on when banned: Server name: Wizard’s Den Lizard [Us West]
Your side of the story: I was extraordinarily high and thought it would be funny to just start massacring people with a hatchet
Why you think you should be unbanned: I was not fully aware of my actions due to being intoxicated and I would love to be able to play one of my favorite games on my favorite(and currently only U.S ss14 server with people on it). Please get back to me soon, I just wanna play one of my favorite games wit my friends again. 
Anything else we should know: When the admin was trying to talk to me I was probably not paying much attention cuz I was also in a call with my friends and listening to music(please unban me, it has been so long).

You do understand that being high does not excuse your behavior, right? That if this is a reoccurring issue, it can lead to you not coming back to the game.

Also, who is FredFigglehornFan1198? 

You’re appeal is really just, heavily low effort.
Being impaired is not a valid excuse for your actions, even if it is an explanation, it does not make you free of fault. 

@TheBukakkeGamer I am going to assume you somehow forgot you had an appeal up and you arent checking the notes of the ones that were closed. Please come here and respond instead of making new appeals. 

I am going to give you 24 hours to respond before I close this out. Especially since you made two new appeals instead of responding to this one.

Closing due to no response. 

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