Ban Appeal Skeletonman40

Ban reason:  Rule 2 and 3
Length of ban: Until Appeal
Events leading to the ban: I was using very crude language after being caught. I shouldn’t’ve have said the vulgar things i said. I wont use this language again and have learned from this experience.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have learned from this experience and will strive to do better. I understand if the ban is not lifted immediately i just would like the chance to play on these servers again! Thank you and sorry for the inconvenience overall!

Due to the severity of your actions, the admin team has decided to upgrade your ban to a voucher ban. You can only appeal this ban 6 months after it was placed (2023-12-28)(28th December 2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server’s admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14’s Wizard’s Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play. If the voucher is not from a mainstream server, let us know and we will figure out a way to verify it.

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