Ban Appeal Sowq Vile RP

Ban reason: Absolutely Vile RP
Length of ban: Permanent, I attempted to ban evade right after, very silly.
Events leading to the ban: Honestly I was in a very poor mental state leading up to the events of what transpired. I was arrested for something, and decided to start RP’ing that I was defecating and urinating everywhere. I didn’t do it maliciously,. I was a pretty new player at the time and thought it would just be funny. In a lot of prisons its a pretty common (yet unfortunate) occurrence, and given the maturity of the game and the in game descriptions of specific tasks and items, I didn’t immediately think it would be too off colored. I have played a great many hours on other servers, and I have a good grasp on what to say and not to say at this point. In all honesty, I am not writing this with high hopes of being let back in, but it’s been four months, I’ve made huge leaps and strides towards bettering myself as a person, and that same mentality will be reflected in my playstyle and future actions. I did try to log in on another account. I knew that it was not allowed and could severely hinder my chances of ever being reinstated. Unfortunately, allowing emotions to determine my actions has put me in a lot of similar situations, where I want to stick it to the man instead taking the consequences of my actions with grace and patience. If anything, this can be seen more as an apology from someone who has done a lot of reflecting and has decided to try and better themselves for themselves, and I am very sorry for taking out some of negative emotional distress on the moderators and other players of this game. 
Reason the ban should be removed: Like I said, I’ve done a lot of self reflecting, and more or less what this is, is an apology. I have apologized a lot these past few months for making bad decisions. While you may look at the ban and what surrounded it as not a massive deal, to me it’s an opportunity to become a better person and accept responsibility for my actions. I don’t expect to be unbanned, but I do imagine a moderator or two will see this post, and maybe it gets back to the people that I affected, and they will see how sorry I am.

I don’t see a voucher of good behavior from another server and if I recall, this was your reply in response to your prior appeal being denied.


Do not post additional appeals.

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