Ban appeal whips -sex joke

Ban reason: i made a joke about sex
Length of ban: it didnt say so im assuming indefinite 
Events leading to the ban: someone had commented to look out for the anom, or it will go kaplowboomboombam, and i made the joke afterwards sounds like me with your mum. then followed it up with i dunno, ive never had sex before
Reason the ban should be removed: i thought it was just a little banter lighthearted joke, i wasnt actually trying to do any ERP or anything. there wasnt any admin bwoink to me just a straight up ban.

Due to the number of previous instances of this behaviour, the admin team has decided to upgrade your ban to a voucher ban. You can only appeal this ban 6 months after it was placed (2023-12-30) (30th December 2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server. A voucher of good behavior should be obtained from a well-known or decently active SS13/SS14 server. If it is a mainstream server, we recommend using that server’s admin-help to ask for a voucher from one of the administrators explaining that you are trying to appeal a ban on SS14’s Wizard’s Den and want to show you have been a problem-free player during your playtime on the server. A voucher should be indicative of at least a few months of play. If the voucher is not from a mainstream server, let us know and we will figure out a way to verify it.

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