Ban Appeal (Yet again)

SS14 account: IronFist
Character name: Honkfoolery Clownson
When was the ban: 09/03/2022 Wizards.

Your side of the story: Played as a HoS. I saw three corpse at top right maintenance of medbay in Packed and put them in the morgue. I searched their bodies for anything illegal or evidence on what was the cause of their deaths  and took my Warden’s stuffs in case someone was going to use it against SEC. I noticed that  the corpses weren’t lighting green so I left with the Wardens stuff. Someone talked to me about who was the one spaced him and where he died so as soon as I was going to put my stuff away to find that said person I got exploded. Moony was spectating me and I guess due to her suspicion that I was going to self antag, I got exploded and banned for “Griefing and metagrudging other players as HoS”

Why you think you should be unbanned: Well first, I only put their bodies in the morgue cause I thought they disconnected or changed to another role hence why the morgue lights up  red whenever you put anyone’s corpse in it  and I didn’t plan on cloning them because of that. I didn’t know that even if they are a ghost and have a red indication on the morgue they can still be cloned (If that is even true). I haven’t played med bay too much to know.

Secondly, I didn’t know that the power was back on and yeah I should of maybe cloned my warden to see what happened with him but I left it to medbay’s problem as I needed to check what is going on in SEC but I already knew chaos was going to erupt due to having no power so I left it to medbays problem. And thirdly, just cause I look suspicious does not mean I’m actually going to do anything self-antag. Especially as SEC or HoS so please do not jump into conclusion and assume I’m going to do some self antagging just because of the way I play. I play many roles differently and my intentions are never to self antag.

Anything else we should know: Yea, just cause some people got mad at me for something I did last round that they seem as self-antag doesn’t mean everyone will agree and I’d do it again on the next round. I just go around my day and have my own objectives to do as that certain role. Whether it’s to make a shuttle as a salvage specialist or as a repair man as an assistant. So please stop accusing me of self-antagging without any proof or evidence. I already learned it from my previous bans so far and even for something I don’t even do or have any relation with. I still get blamed from the next round to the next. The only time I do these self-antag stuff is when I’m an actual antag. I don’t really mind about getting role banned from SEC or Command since this isn’t the first time I get job banned for dumb reasons that aren’t even my fault but I’d like to ask to not jump the gun just because it’s always me. People always see me and have to assume every problem that each shift happens have to related to me so stop with the dumb ahelp accusations.

The green/red light in the morgue has nothing to do with clone status, that just says if the morgue is empty or closed. If you examine the body it will tell you varying texts which people use to determine if the person is cloneable or not. You shouldn’t be putting anyone in the morgue as HoS especially if you cant tell that they are cloneable or not. If you are unsure just leave the body some place open in medical to leave them. They will figure out which bodies need to be place in the morgue or cloned. Immediately putting a corpse in the morgue is a good way to have medical not even realize it is there. 

Thank you for telling me that. I only put them in a morgue because I knew if you stayed in your dead body long enough while in the morgue, the light of the morgue will signal green and start beeping which would indicate that the person is still active and can be cloned.

The problem with this appeal is I know that you knew what happens when someone is left in the morgue. And you only returned the items you were stripping them of after I ahelped you about it.
I see you as a player who’s on their best behavior when I am watching.
And I unfortunately cannot babysit you constantly to ensure you’re not screwing other players over.

Ok I see your point but I didn’t know about it until now and does that really warrant a ban? Plus I only stripped them to search for anything illegal like an Emag or a Mandella so I can find out if they are a T and if they were responsible for  cutting the power. Are you not suppose to do that as SEC let alone a HoS? You can say it was bad timing sure but a ban?

I also don’t know how I griefed or meta-grudging. Probably because of the whole morgue part but I can promise to you that I didn’t know how the morgue properly worked and I didn’t want to steal anything. I’m a HoS. I can get my hands on guns or even anything for either helpful purposes or self-antag.

This is your fourth ban in as many weeks. How do we know that we will not have to issue a fifth?

Well if I keep getting banned for petty stuff like moving bodies into the morgue and “looting” them with suspicious intent as HoS which was counted as griefing and meta-grudging, to being job-banned because that single officer decided to arrest me for using crayons and writing “shitcurity” with a picture and then blaming me because he got stripped, to arresting a clown on obstruction of justice and labeled as “shitsec”. I’ve been basically playing as safe as I can after my first ban  just to avoid the local admin on the server pming me because I looked suspicious or I did something they thought it was wrong and without any warnings get send straight to the forums for something so petty?

…clearly you weren’t playing safe because you just got banned for hiding bodies as a non-antag.

I put them in the morgue in medbay, where dead bodies usually go… sometimes

just bring them to a medical person next time, it’s not ur job as hos to handle that type of stuff anyway. also nobody checks the morgue for the sole purpose of cloning, its used for like perma dead people who left the game or are antag. at least thats what i remember.

dont count on getting unbanned, also its not a mods job to warn you multiple times to follow the rules. consider the track records of bans ur warnings from the mod team.

if this comes off as hostile, not trying to be a dickhead; im permabanned myself so you could either say I’m speaking from experience or my interpretation on the rules is shit, idk.

Yea I don’t know, it’s just a dumb reason to ban someone really. I might as well just be AFK then play if I keep getting watched on everything I do every time I’m in a server with a mod or admin. 

dont have a track record with rule breaking then. ur on thin ice, dont be doing any stunts that involve corpses to be safe

Ban expired. Closed.

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