Ban Appeal [ Zeser ]

SS14 account username: Zeser
Ban reason: “Metacomms + “cum” on common + a bunch of shitting related chat logs”
Date of ban: 7th July 2023
Length of ban: Unsure, possibly till It is appealed
Events leading to the ban:  I was being shown around by a friend as I was new to the game. He taught me a lot of stuff like “emotes”, and we proceeded to use this quite a lot as a joke. It didn’t make anyone annoyed or anything so it seemed “fine” to us, I also found out about the comms and forgot that it is extremely serious and should not contain stupid messages like what I said.
Reason the ban should be removed: I was just a new player and forgot quite a lot of rules which led me to this. I myself really enjoy this game and would love to come back, I really do apologise for what I did.

I am going to use the same response for both of your appeals:

Metacommunications and sexual/distasteful content as the two of you insisted on using are both zero-tolerance on Wizard’s Den servers. We have a mixed audience that includes minors and nobody wants to play with someone who defaults to constantly emoting about shit and piss. 

If you want to teach someone how to play, either teach them using in-game communication or watch a stream of them playing the game while not playing yourself. Those are the only ways that teaching someone else is fair to everyone else. This appeal is accepted.

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