Ban Appeal

SS14 account:  ZnacheryTheII

Byond account:aedannx

Character name: Josiah 

When was the ban: Today.

Server you were playing on when banned: Miros Wizards Den
Your side of the story:  I got banned for “self antag and being a constant dick as CMO, poisoned the HoS and threaten to do the same to captain over minnimal things” first of all, the admin did not contact me at all to ask me what happened, the admin contacted once before two rounds ago clarifying i shouldnt say gtfo as its against the new rules. The dick part is the fact that I said “uh oh lucario said thx better perm ban him threat to our community” as a small joke and i guess i am being a dick, i even apoligized to the admin because  i know admins on roleplay games, they have short temper cause they are sick of this shit. So i apologize. Explaing the poisoning, we caught the traitor and nothing else was happening so we called shuttle and I caught HoS recalliing twice so i asked him what he was doing and he spilled something under me so at that point i had had enough and knocked him down and poisoned him. I never threated cap, i merely said “i swear to god if you recall that shuttle” of course the misconception is most likley the fact that i hadn’t been contacted about the incident. i also got banned for self antag which idk if this is a part of the ban or not but i picked up a bag of chips and put it in a trash bag and fucking blew up, dont know if thats a janitor thing as that was my first time playing him.

Why you think you should be unbanned: Because the ban wasn’t justified whatsoever, letting you know I got a 15 day ban for poisoning the HoS due to him round delaying. Of course the admin didn’t know this because they didn’t contact me whatsoever. The self antag was weird because i didnt know picking up a bag of chips would explode me but i guess thats my bad. The being a dick was me correcting him on misusing the word cocky because he obviously didn’t know what the word meant.

to return, what value do you bring back to the community? i mean i am very active and i am experienced in a lot of roles and all of my roles are medium and the ones im not familar with are low, so i play a jack of all trades really. I play the roles that nobody plays or plays correctly, ex. janitor.

Anything else we should know:  uh if this is admin disrespect for critquing admin decisions thats pretty fucked man, like i just got back from a two day ban for being to “whiny” when i was stripped and demoted for taking a mop. it was ic screaming too so its not like i was making a scene in ooc
appeal, include it here.

sorry for the lengthy shit i hope i can get fully unbanned but if not a 15 day ban is super fuckin ridiculous because if i get banned for that for 15 days there is not way im staying loyal and coming back after the 15 days after a ban like that


Hello. One of the reasons have been banned is for breaking the rule four, which is_ “follow common sense, you cannot murder someone because they slipped you on a banana or gundown the captain because the shuttle was recalled” In this case, you killed the HoS because he recalled the shuttle, and to correct your quote, after someone said to the captain, “Get out of here boss, he will kill you.” You said, “I wish, I’m out of juice, just used it on the HoS.” Due to your mentioned conflict with the HoS, it wouldn’t be unresonable to think you would do it to the captain to, if you had the resources, you digged your own hole deeper by saying that._

Another reason is because of your constant bad behavior in OOC: Swearing, IC-in-OOC, or complaining of things happening during the round.

Third reason is you toeing the line with the rules, like when you tried to toss the pAI out of the airlock for “being unfunny”

This three things lead to an extensive ban, it is clear that you didn’t read the rules, or you ignore them. If you didn’t know, pressing F1 brings up the Rules tab, it also appears in the lobby below server info.

So I am glad to know that three different bans can align into one, thank you dogzero, very cool. So if its true that you can’t merely poison the hos when he is round delaying and making the game worse for everyone. What was I supposed to do? I didn’t think or know an admin was online. I am new to this game and of course I’m going to be banned multiple times if I join the community, such as breaking the no saying texting things like “lol” “thx” or “gtfo” or that one time I got banned for throwin a pAI out of an airlock. Which is super fucking stupid because you can just wipe a pAI so like??? Swearing in OOC is also a fault on my end because I didn’t know you couldn’t swear in it. Again I normally compare this game to gmod type rp where you can just be normal but not break the rules, I’m not normally used to situations or strict stubborn admins who reply to the appeal they banned you in. 

About the thing with the pAI and the cap I said I wish im out of juice merely because i was just fuckin around with cap, me and him were tight and we were just playin in fact we worked together to try to catch hos delaying again. Of course I got banned the next round unfortunately

I honestly doubt at this point any appeal ever works unless it was an accident because the admins have proven time and time again to be incredibly strict or biased whenever they are the one being criticized (hence why the admin who banned me was the first to reply)

I request my ban be removed, if not. At least be shorten to two or three days as 15 is ridiculous because you are mixing in previous bans to which I had already suffered the punishment for. (throwing the pAI, getting banned for being “whiny in ic”)

Also you have about 10 other people to ban if you are banning ME for killing the person who was round delaying, because I have been gunned down about 10 times for that. Again I took things into my own order because we had caught the traitor in a 9 player server so the guy had nothing but bad intentions round delaying, of course I had no idea YOU were still online dogzero. As you didnt tell me anything that round, the one before, or the one after.


I honestly doubt at this point any appeal ever works unless it was an accident because the admins have proven time and time again to be incredibly strict or biased whenever they are the one being criticized (hence why the admin who banned me was the first to reply)

I have already told you off about your behaviour towards others. You constantly berate others both IC (constantly calling people “fuckass”) and OOC (“KEEPING FUCKING WHINING DUDE. WAH WAH WAH”) and seem to think the world revolves around you.


I observed you for multiple rounds where (despite not being antag) you either tried to break into the armoury or tried to break into chemistry, going so far as saying the chemists were “making poisons” to the captain and lying about them just so you could get in there; how is this fair to the people on the receiving end?

As far as I’m concerned this was your 3rd strike and you should learn some empathy before coming back.

Lol ok then, let’s not talk about how a kid was ICing in ooc which was my response, since you would rather take all messages out of context, and for the making poisons it was true, they were making Synaptizine. calling people swears in ic is just what i do like i forgot that was against the rules? there was one case of me breaking into armoury and i had been banned for one day because i took that sacrifice to make sure a friend had a good time on his first play of the game.

obviously because this game isnt very friendly to new players due to the fact you will get banned for getting mad about being permabrigged (in ic chat)

why are admins consistently proving to be stubborn and defensive, uhhh not to state the obvious here but those arent very good traits for the admins of the ONLY active server in a game that is barley staying alive. 

By banning players like this you are only hurting yourself. I genuinely liked your game and was showing plenty of friends it and im getting fucked by salty admins who dont want their minds changed. NO MATTER WHAT I SAY you will find some way to play it off rather than accepting the truth that this isnt necessary  no matter how you justify it it sucks to see one of the few remake projects be involved with a bunch of power tripping admins who cant take critisism and would rather bring up multiple bans into one ban which is fucking ridiculous and to rub salt in the wound these “strikes” were never mentioned as i was originally banned being left in the dark.


that message itself has already sealed any chance of getting unbanned and has likely only furthered my ban.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals