Ban Appeal

Discord account: GraniteSidewalk#0512
Commonly used names: Previously known as GlassEclipse
Ban reason: I was rebanned after the Swept exodus since he was the one who took decision to unban me, and now he got put in the slamma or whatever. I don’t remember what my original ban was for to be honest, I think it was the /vg/ drama that bled into ss14 discord for whatever reason and I was banned since it got out of hand. Might have also been about some heated political debates that I was later prevented from having involving climate change or something.
Why you think you should be unbanned: It’s been a year since this original ban and my choice to stay out of the developer chat and, in general, away from ss14 melodrama should be proof that I’m just interested in the project itself. 

Appeal denied

Surprising response. Can you explain why? It was already incredibly rude to ban me without even letting me know why. I was not even aware I was banned until recently. I’m sure you just… forgot to tell me, and that you were in a proper state of mind when banning me. So I’m sure you have a thought-out reason for denying my ban request, correct?

Sorry for the rough response, you should get an explanation regardless of our history. That being said, this is somewhat roughly pulled together what admins remember:

  • History of being a conflictive person causing drama in the community (ex: the /vg/ hack threat incident, which got you banned before the ban was later lifted for some reason)
  • History of blatant transphobia in the community, banned once for this and unbanned again without other admins being consulted.
  • Compared pedophile rights to trans rights, went on to rabidly defend pedophile rights publicly in the server and didn’t stop after being asked to, got banned for this and later unbanned without other admins being consulted.

You were banned 3(!) times and brought back each time without any consultation between the admins.

Now to respond to your actual points:
> It was already incredibly rude to ban me without even letting me know why.
We might literally have different views here, but given the above statements I think it couldn’t have been foreign to you why you’ve got banned. That being said (for context: i reverted the latest unban aka banned you) I am always ready to explain my actions and did so in dms with you, after you asked me about the reason.

> I’m sure you just… forgot to tell me, and that you were in a proper state of mind when banning me.
As evident with the above, i think every ban you’ve received so far was quite reasonable, wouldn’t you agree?

> So I’m sure you have a thought-out reason for denying my ban request, correct?
What I am writing here is the thought-out reason for denying it, hence I’d consider that settled. Again, I apologize for the somewhat initial denial, somewhat devoid of detail. We assumed you were aware of the above points, regardless we should’ve handled the appeal properly and given you a straight (& detailed) answer

I appreciate the appeal, but given all of the above points, I think its best to not unban you.

Since I have a tendency to forget people like this, a note for the future: Do not ever unban this dude.

After me denying this ban appeal, he came to discord with an alarming number of alts (jesus dude, dont you have anything better to do), to:

  • let loose the average insecure transphobic bullshit: “you are all mentally ill”, “you are on the verge of suicide”, “they were triggered!!!” etc
  • offer admins 5k to unban & admin him because “thats the amount of money where friendships break” (lmao, maybe yours)
  • continue to larp about being a millionare. sure bud, we all heard it, you got money :stuck_out_tongue:

Talk about a mask-off moment, huh.

All in all, this is just sad. I was more on the forgiving side on this decision, given i had talked to you before in dms and actually got a nice impression, but i am lucky that the (big) majority of admins wanted you gone. I do also have to disappoint, you did not “trigger” anyone so much so that everyone just went “oh, yep, hes loosing his shit lmao”. You see, the sad reality is that you aren’t the only disturbed asshole out there, so once tends to build up a tolerance to this kind of bullshit.

Since i am certain you will be reading this, I want to leave you with this thought exercise: While you seemed to be very worried about our transgender staff being mentally ill (i interact with them daily and can ensure you, they are not), you seemed to loose your shit about being banned from a niche community of a not-even-done remake of a game from a niche community so much so that you actually offered people 5k, as well as spent the rest of your day, furiously changing accounts and attacking people.
I dunno about anyone else reading this, but I have a strong feeling, you might be projecting when calling others mentally ill. Get help, genuinely.

And to make it abundantly clear: Your disturbed ass isn’t coming back to this community as long as I’m here, and I’m not going anywhere.

Goodbye forever, you will not be missed and promptly forgotten.

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