Ban Appeal

Character- Mike hawk (im funny ik)


this happened about a week ago…


so heres the story: and i will be completely honest about my intentions
i was on xbox app with my friend and told him about ST14, he thought it was interesting and decided to get the game. we were playing some ST14 in the us west lizard server and wanted to cause some shenanigans. me and a friend decided to get the help of the (then chef) in order to create a foam bomb to take over the station (long jump in logic but the main point was making a bomb that exploded into foam). my friend (who was COS) gave me (assistant) access to a security uniform to pose as an officer. we called the chef to the security lounge and told him out plan- he agreed- we went to the captain, who had just made the clown co-captain, and asked him to change the chef’s card into a science one. he agreed and did so. we got the chef into science and he started work on the bombs. me, my friend and another security officer who agreed to join us guarded the door. the clown (who was co captain) announced a new rule that he was allowed to bear arms to the fullest extent then proceeded to march around the ship while dragging a banana, tripping everyone in sight. us, not going to let such a dictator ship go unpunished, proceeded to restrain the clown and drag him into a back room and threaten him with either joining us or being deposed. the clown joined us. honestly after that the foam bombs went nowhere and our relations with the clown plummeted. the clown marched around the ship armed with a shotgun in each hand and us, seeing dictatorship arising again, tried to put a stop to it. long story short we got into a shootout with the clown and ended up dying, however; in the chaos the chef managed to set off the foam bomb! living up to its name all it did was create foam and nothing more. 

 after all was said and done the moderator of the server permanantly banned us from the server as well as every space station 14 server for " metacoordinating, tageting the clown, skimming the rules and getting into several shootouts"


i didnt know meta coordinating was an offense, i just wanted to show my friend a fun game and talk with them and, while we meant no harm we did do it and i based all of my actions off of what ive seen from space station 13. i now know what i did was wrong now and im sorry for it. I now know the rules, know the right way to act in the servers and wont be causing any more trouble.


I took a week off the game and i believe im ready to be get back into the game as soon as possible.


extra info: this happend at 1 AM while the server was low pop, we never annoyed other people… until the clown thing but he was in on it and it was all jokes and fun for both parties. others had done things just as bad as us as well. the captain shot one of the guards to death- upon the guard’s request to be fair-, the clown blew up the chem lab in med bay, the clown was promoted to co-captain, no one was doing their jobs, ect i now that doesnt fix anything but my point is that we didnt do this to be malicious to other players, we thought we were just making fun for people.


Everything stated here is pretty much true from what I observed, and I thank you for not bending the truth at all. I accept that the behaviour of the station was quite chaotic and tbh you’ll have more rounds like it in future.

However, trying to ‘take over the station’ never ends well and setting yourself up as the antagonist when you aren’t the antagonist (e.g declaring martial law for littering) can interfere with actual traitors. If you want to do this, please please do it as the traitor.

As for your behaviour on the station, I did feel somewhat bad for banning you; On paper everything I described is a series of red flags we see every day. However, what I observed was remarkably little body count, an allowance for cloning people who’d tried to kill you and a general sense you were trying to include people in your mayhem which is something that i’d love to see from a traitor.

The issue of metacommunicating and cooperating is a harder one to approach, though. Ordinarily I’d be satisfied to unban you now, but in a game where “fog of war” and shifting loyalties from round to round is a core mechanic, two people who will always align with eachother, coordinate quickly in an area that can’t be moderated by admins or observed by other players and use eachother’s resources to empower eachother… is very unfair.

The game and its moderation tools are in a basic form but even so metacommunication is very hard to prove and to police even in games with sophisticated tools and that is the main problem I have with unbanning you both.

How can I be sure you aren’t co-ordinating in discord? And when I see you two working together, how do I know you’re doing it for round-related reasons and not because you’re biased against eachother?

This is not a trick question. I would like to know how I can allow you back in the server. Because If you’re honest and stick to what you’ve told me, I think you and Mike would be a good addition to the community.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals