Ban appeal

SS14 account: Vampirichalo58

Character name: I forgot but it would be here

Server you were playing on when banned: My Brother didnt tell me

Your side of the story: My brother got on my computer last month and did something that I was unaware of because I was at school and got me banned for a reason I dont know of.

Why you think you should be unbanned: My brother did it and not me, I have also changed my computer password so he wont getting on for a while, I also greatly enjoy this game and I think perma banning me was not fair.

Anything else we should know: My older brother hates me so this could be a reason why he did this.

I’ve i had a nickle for everytime someone tried the “my brother did it excuse”… And why do the sisters never do it??? Cmon, a bit of equality…

> I think perma banning me was not fair
how can you tell if your brother was alledgedly playing, not you

Open another appeal without a bullshit excuse and i’ll consider lowering your ban to a month or smth.

(For the record, this account went on a murderingspree as HoS, non-antag, of course, and when bwoinked went “Just ban me, i’m bored of this game”)

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals