Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Spamus
Character name: Bob
When was the ban: 1/2/2022 or yesterday
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I got a bit carried away with the majesty of science and tested a bomb in a public space.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I shouldn’t have done it, so I don’t mind being banned, but I ask that the ban be reduced a bit. That was my first time being banned and it was a permaban. I promise to keep the testing in private testing rooms.
Anything else we should know: The bomb was metal foam + smoke + chlorine/fluorine, I was testing mixtures.

I realize this doesn’t explain much so I am going to add some more details. I don’t remember the admins name.

I actually made and tested tested two bombs. The first bomb was metal foam + smoke + potassium/water. I mixed this bomb in the bar and I think killed two people, not sure though. The explosion didn’t work so I made another one with chlorine/fluorine and mixed it in security. Not a great idea I know. This time the explosion activated and I think I killed at least three people. I died from the explosion in security and got revived. An admin contacted me and asked me why. I told them I was testing, they essentially asked why am I testing on people, and I basically said no reason. At that point I realized I was probably pushing things a bit much and turned myself in to security. Unfortunately other problems had come up that hadn’t been caused by me and the guard was having trouble dragging me all the way to security with gravity off and gas being everywhere. I noticed a pill in my pocket that I hadn’t remembered picking up that was labeled FunPill. I was bored so I took it and died. For the record, I didn’t know that it was going to kill me. I do remember the other chemist saying something about a suicide pill, but he also made a bunch of meth and other drugs. When the guard noticed, they started dragging my corpse to medbay for cloning, which was nice of them. I got banned in the middle of explaining to the guard that I died from taking a pill. The reason for the banning was something along the lines of metal and explosion grenading in extended. Also what does rmding mean? Is it short handed for undermining or something? 

TLDR; I made two bombs because the first one didn’t work, turned myself in to security, and took a pill that apparently kills people.


RDM = Random Deathmatch = Killing people randomly.

Bombing places when you aren’t antag is a big no-no, especially when you’re in extended.

Is the ban permanent? If so, what are my options? If I make another account will that one be banned too? Does this ban apply to ss13 as well? Is this an ip ban? I have a brother who plays this game on a separate computer. These questions aren’t supposed to be passive aggressive or regular aggressive btw, I am just wondering.

This ban is from a specific set of SS14 servers (the Wizard’s Den servers) that is an IP ban.
It does not apply to other SS14 servers or to SS13 servers in any way. I’m on break and can’t handle your appeal; just answering your questions.

Lowering to two weeks.

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