Ban appeal

SS14 account: wikkidswoup
Character name: Jack Codge
When was the ban: I have no idea, I think it was today but for something I said before.
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I said the n word, with a soft A not the hard R; I don’t even frankly remember saying it but Moony showed me a screenshot in the discord which was in fact me. I didn’t mean any offense by it, it’s just how me and my friends have always talked on here and other games and social media. I can assure you I can refrain from using it again, I am absolutely positive I can come up with another word to use. I am frankly just sorry at the moment if I have meant to offend anyone. I never meant to do that. I hope this can be resolved and I can just go back to playing. I thoroughly enjoyed the server and never had a problem with any of the other rules before. I really was just communicating without even thinking what my usage of the word could do. I thank you for the chance to appeal and I apologize again for this situation. I can assure you again it won’t happen ever again.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I just really enjoy the server and have got along with everyone thus far. I haven’t had a problem until this has happened, which I have assured above will not happen again. I will never even think of using those words, whether soft A or not; on this server again. I just wish to play because this is frankly one of the few games I do enjoy. It is exciting to play this project and have changes and updates come every other day. This game is just special and I don’t want to lose that.


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