Ban Appeal

SS14 account: nbev 

Character name: Boris Vasilyev / Spank Coffeemug

When was the ban: Today Jan. 23, 2022

Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]

Your side of the story: To be honest, a bit unsure why I was banned (it was delayed). I role play as an angry chef / short tempered person who takes his job seriously. This often results in a standoffish attitude towards others which I find entertaining. I was banned for sexual roleplay, however I’m not sure when this occurred, the only time I can recall using sexual language was when I was the PAI of a sec officer who I felt had broken the rules and I said things as PAI such as, “I like dick in my butt”. Although looking back this does seem pretty sexual, at the time I think I let my anger get the best of me at this security guard, and I guess I viewed it as a joke, instead of the homophobic, sexual comment that it was. I apologize for this. I think throughout my time on the server, I’ve seen that generally vulgar speak is allowed and encouraged if funny, but I can see that this was over the line. If this wasn’t the instance for the ban, I am genuinely unsure of the offense and would like more clarity. Regardless, I will try my hardest for this not to happen again. 

Why you think you should be unbanned: I do have over 50 hours on this server and have enjoyed my time on it greatly. I do feel like most of the time, I am a value add to the server through using true RP and helping new players learn how to play the game, and encouraging RP. I have always cooperated with admins and will continue doing so. 

Checked your history and this is in fact the only other instance.
Thank you for the apology, you have been unbanned. Please don’t do it again.

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