Ban appeal

SS14 account: Dragon8lade
Character name: Honestly do not remember. 
When was the ban: 1/24/2022
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard 
Your side of the story: As far as i am aware i have 2 reports against me for RDM The first one was when i was SEC and we had a guy detained in a cell that got uncuffed, disarmed me and started to beat me with a stun baton so i pulled out my gun and shot him, i took him to med bay for a rev and went back to SEC. He came back about 5 minutes later with 3 other guys and disarmed me again this time they had the upper hand and beat me to death then floated me out in space. The second report was from the same day a different round, i was playing SEC again trying to learn the role . The game went on for a few hours so i went to the bridge and called for a Shuttle, a few people walked in and were mad that i called for the shuttle and accused me of a “mutiny”. They pulled out stun batons and started to rush me i got disarmed once again so i pulled out a gun and shot them, There was many people in the room and  i only shot the people rushing me and that is when i got a msg from a trial admin, while i was talking to the admin i got cuffed sat in a chair and then beat to death by the same people i killed, they got rev at medbay i assume. I told the admin i had a video and would send through discord, when i closed the game and opened the Nvidia UI i seen that it wasn’t turned on, I normally have Nvidia shadow play on when i play rp centric games to cover my ass in these situations so this is my fault for saying i have video proof without checking first, i feel very dumb for this.
Why you think you should be unbanned: My feelings are mixed on this because i can be in the wrong here, I’m honestly not sure if this was a justified kill according to the rules because the rules are kinda vague when it comes to RDM. I feel that RDM is killing someone for absolutely no reason like walking up to a guy at the bar and blowing his head off or killing someone for pulling a prank. I also feel that a 1 week ban is a bit harsh for a first offence, i did not run around shooting up the server on a non stop rampage. I killed people in self defence in my opinion. I am fairly new to this community and game and would love to be apart of it.
Anything else we should know: I have a few suggestions - I think there should be guidelines when it comes to bans, for example X amount of days for certain bannable actions, also the history of the players bans be taken into consideration, (ex) no strikes means a normal game ban, 2nd strike adds a few extra days on the ban ect.

You were banned for a week due to the fact that we had reports from multiple rounds.

Unbanned. Please try to adhere to rule 12.

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