Ban appeal

SS14 account: rangomanta
character name: flowerclown

the ban was: maybe on 1:00 lizard

my side of story: i was a clown with a genius idea well not very genius cause i got here but the idea was get disguised like a security and dont get caught well with another clown we getted in the site of the security lockers we dressed up well we dont get in time and before all that i added the clown in discord and for any reason an admin or somebody banned me for talkin in vc and uhh well i have clues about that well we tried to dress the round ended and i got banned for self antagging and for vc and i repeat i have clues about the thing of vc

i think dont get perma unbanned but like i just got perma for selfantagging i think thats kinda brutal i mean just like 3 weeks or 2 weeks but i just got banned permantly for selfantagging?

i dont have anything more to say i just want to get unbanned or maybe dont get perma. 

What does “I have clues about the thing of vc” mean?

2 minutes ago, Stealth16 said:

What does “I have clues about the thing of vc” mean?



7 minutes ago, rangomanta said:



Of what?

of the chat of discord 

i think we can talk more in dis is easy and faster

Upon discussion with the rest of the team, I am shortening your sentence to be a week. As you’ve already served 24 hours, your ban will expire in six days.

For clarification, the chief reason for your ban was for metacommunication. Using a program to discuss gameplay with a friend outside of the game is chiefly against our rules, and is outlined in rule 11, as written below:


Using information gained outside the game to your advantage is not allowed. IC and OOC are to be kept separate at all times.

Metacommunication, or communicating with other players via out of game methods (such as Discord) to gain an unfair advantage is also strictly prohibited.

Random PDA checks are also prohibited under this rule.

It is perfectly fine to make friends over space station 14. But when you exchange info in the middle of a round, then both go rob security lockers/attempt to rob security officers, then that gets you a ban. Remember to keep all discussion about an ongoing game of space station 14 inside the game of space station 14.

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