Ban appeal

SS14 account: dogemankiller

Character name: Lenny GreenWalt

When was the ban: Sunday 01:27

Server you were playing on when banned: i was playing on Lizard

Your side of the story: i was playing with another clown named FlowerClown we had plan to rob armory and get disguises and the match was about to end so i friended him barkeeper shoot him some minutes back and he nearly died and i got killed in the bathroom by someone i did him nothing i told him not to hit me then FlowerClown gets me to Cloning Pod

Why you think you should be unbanned:i did not know it was an rule and i know i should have read it and ill not do it again

Anything else we should know: i though i was allowed to have friends and i dont have someone to play with because my school friends dont play and i have seen others playing with friends so i though it was allowed. i did not plan to VC i was gonna friend him so we could play later cause i was leaving soon i wasnt using it as outside information i friended him because it was fun and so we could play later. i killed someone in kitchen too because he stole from me without asking and i gave him warning to get out of my kitchen. but he came back and killed me too in the start i hit him once and told him to get out but he didnt listen im sorry for killing him.



I’m going to tell you pretty much the same things I told rangomanta.

For clarification, the chief reason for your ban was for metacommunication. Using a program to discuss gameplay with a friend outside of the game is chiefly against our rules, and is outlined in rule 11, as written below:


Using information gained outside the game to your advantage is not allowed. IC and OOC are to be kept separate at all times.

Metacommunication, or communicating with other players via out of game methods (such as Discord) to gain an unfair advantage is also strictly prohibited.

Random PDA checks are also prohibited under this rule.

It is perfectly fine to make friends over space station 14. But when you exchange info in the middle of a round, then both go rob security lockers/attempt to rob security officers, then that gets you a ban. Remember to keep all discussion about an ongoing game of space station 14 inside the game of space station 14.

In addition, I am going to tell you that “not knowing” the rules is not a defense. We force all players to spend 45 seconds looking at the rules before loading in. You agreed to the rules when you first logged on to a Wizard Den server. You are expected to follow them and be familiar with them.

Your ban time is being reduced to five days. You will be able to play again on March 14th.


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