Ban Appeal

SS14 account: ZeroTheFirst.
Character name: Ansellus.
When was the ban: 2 or so hours ago.
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard [US West]
Your side of the story: I was playing HOS and everyone got the monkey virus so group of people who had it ran into containment part of med bay to stop Monkey virus from spreading. It was a lot of fun containing the virus. We had 4 people in the containment cell (including me). One died from sickness (possibly cancer or something else), one was the janitor who was waiting patiently, and the other was breaking the glass of the cell. I told him to stop, he didn’t listen so I battoned him, I told him to stop, he swatted the baton from my hand and we had

a fight where I accidentally killed him, because I idiotically couldn’t get the handcuffs on.

It was an accident, and doc couldn’t save him because they were too focused trying to get a vaccinator and trying to get the other patient to calm down in the other cell with people. Once the docs let me out I helped them move the bodies. It was zero gravity at the time, so the bodies were flying around the room. I was kind of annoyed so I thought, I would use the locker to put keep them in place well the docs do their own thing in the room. They were right next to me, figuring out what to do with us. They saw me using the locker to keep them in place, and I knew they would clone them anyhow so I had a little fun trying to put them steady in the locker.

Next moment I was contacted by admin, “Why are you murdering people and putting them in lockers?” the admin spoke.  I told him, I was using the locker to keep them in place and the docs were right beside me watching it happened so they could see where they were. I told him about the guy I accidentally killed and the other guys that died naturally. I ended off the admin chat by telling him that the ‘people’ I was putting in the locker was being revived. A little after I was banned for the rest of the day without any other response from Admin.

Reason for ban from admin: “Blantantly lying to staff. Shoving people’s corpses in lockers as HoS.” This ban an is for 720 minutes and will expire at Monday, March 21, 2022 4:32 AM UTC.
Why you think you should be unbanned: That’s just not fun. I did not get much response admin to why I was being banned. I told him the best I could well playing, what I was doing with the locker. I was banned in the middle of playing, which sucks. I just hop onto Space Station 14, having a fun time role playing. I had planned on having fun this afternoon playing Station 14 but I guess I was ‘putting people’s corpses in lockers’? Even though it was one locker, a 2 player, with one of the players that may’ve disconnected. Then there is the “lying to staff” part of the ban the utterly confused me.
Anything else we should know: I really want to play this game this afternoon, it really sucks to have to go back to League of Legends and suffer more.

I think the admin was @Moony, please correct me if I am wrong. Could you please tell me again why I was banned for the majority of the day? I just really confused about that ban.

Ban expired.

Without being involved, it’s hard to judge a situation sometimes and we do get a lot of people killing and hiding bodies so they can’t be cloned - whether intentional or not. Judging by how short the ban was I don’t imagine what you did was very grave. Anyways, apologies if you think the ban was overkill and hopefully catch you on the servers. Ciao.

p.s. Moony is a woman. I know it’s easy to say he but just for future reference.

From Rejected to Ban Appeals

From Rejected to Ban Appeals