Ban Appeal

(Repost, rewrote title + rewritten statement). 

SS14 account: FreeBeesPlease
Character name: Elijah Zhendikar
When was the ban:  7:39 PM GMT+7 (?), 20 / 3 / 2022 
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: 

In the round, I was playing a QM and T and I got caught after attempting to give myself AA from HOP. Sec caught me and as a T, I attempted to escape a couple of times. I recognized the HOS who made my blood boil from the previous round when they refused to help me with a ornery kleptomaniac Grey that caused me grief. Anger from that previous engagement and a lack of self-awareness boiled over into that current round.

  1. Hate speech, slurs and bigotry are not allowed.
  • Intentionally seeking to demean others due to their actual or perceived race, sex, gender, orientation or the like is not tolerated.
  • Words that are closely tied to real life slurs are not allowed.

 Honestly, I cannot say I have any good reason to what I said or why I did it other then it was a moment of character weakness and my attitude of vitriol and rage towards the round that was boiled over from the previous one. While it was no good reason to what I did or in any way justifies my behavior, I understand that it was both a) wrong, b) against the rules, c) harms the spirit, enjoyment and community you were trying to foster here.  Unfortunately, despite my time and years in playing in similar other games, I admit that I am still prone to some of my weaker impulses resulting from anger that I should have probably checked out of the door when the round started.  It is something that I am still working on as I am becoming more accustom to roleplaying  and something I would like to continue working on if I am allowed to continue.

As for my ‘griefing’, whether or not this applies to my appeal here considering there was no follow up from that last ban, that ‘grief’ was me acting as QM and attempting to stop someone who kept removing airlock doors, spacing cargo when we were attempting to salvage. All I could remember from the incident was their refusal to stop what they were doing after they justified saying that airlocks were pointless or some reason. After killing them with a gun we found from salvage, another moment of weakness happened when the majority of the Cargo Crew  encouraged me to toss said member out of the airlock in a crate rather then inform security. While at the time I assumed it was legitimate ‘justice’ at the time and because that particular member’s actions seemed reminiscent to traitor actions which that I was exposed to, I assumed that was the end of that until an Admin contacted me and clarified what I did wrong. I was advised that I should have contacted security next time to deal with the situation then enact my own mob vigilantism.


  1. Follow basic common sense, you cannot murder someone because they slipped you on a banana, or gun down the captain because the shuttle was recalled.
  • This isn’t a deathmatch, be humane.
  • What is considered a reasonable reason to kill someone is at the discretion of staff.

Why you think you should be unbanned: 

My ban was fair and im willing to take full brunt of responsibility for my lacking behavior towards the server. I do regret saying what I said out of anger and it was a word that certainly does not belong anywhere. I am prepared to make whatever amends you feel is necessary but I understand if it a step too far. I enjoy the game, and I do adore the community but I should have treated it less of an experience that was fully catering for my own enjoyment or stress relief. I know that now, and I do very much regret it. 

Appeal accepted.

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