Ban Appeal

Banning Admin Unkown - Dragoran

SS14 account: Dragoran
Character name: Josiah Overstreet
When was the ban: 2022/04/08
Server you were playing on when banned: Lizard
Your side of the story: I killed somebody and therefore an Admin wanted to talk to me. I realized it a bit too late since I was so focused on my gameplay. Therefore I answered a bit too late. The Admin then asked me multiple questions. For example why I killed the person, how old I was etc. I then tried to answer his questions but before I could answer all those questions he told me that he would ban me now for not answering his questions. I didn’t really understand that but he told me that I should come here and write a Ban Appeal. Now I‘m here. The reason why I killed the person was so I could get a this Keycard with which you can open certain Doors. I don’t really know the name of those things at the moment.


Why you think you should be unbanned: 
I’m sorry that I killed that one person and I think that I now know that I shouldn’t have just killed him for that one reason. I now know that that was wrong and I’m sorry. I’m also still pretty new to this game and so this was just my second time playing it and therefore I don’t really understand everything directly. I hope that I didn‘t cause to much trouble. Also this was my first misbehavior and so I think that a permanent ban is a bit too much. I hope that I‘ll be unbanned soon and then can again have fun on your Server! 

Thank you



This is an alternate account. File a ban appeal using your ORIGINAL account, with an explanation of why you decided to try working around the ban.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals