Ban Appeal


SS14 account: EVIL_ED


Character name: Not sure. Maybe Malcolm Wilkerson. Or any number of the Malcolm in the Middle Cast.


When was the ban: Several months ago?


Server you were playing on when banned: My best guess would be Wizard’s Den Lizard US West. (Whichever one actually has people playing on it.)


Your side of the story: Well, this is kind of long and kind of a lot to unpack. I was technically banned for ‘ban evading’ and welder bombing. But, I never actually ban evaded on my original account (which I think is this one) because I spoke about how easy ban evading would be with how things worked back then with the account system (or mostly lack there of.) So, I guess I technically ban evaded in creating new accounts after that. But, it was weird to get banned for merely talking about ban evading; even though at the time I did not ban evade. It was having been banned for just talking about ban evading that made me originally ban evade. So, that’s a little roller coaster right there. But, really, all that is rather besides the point.


Why you think you should be unbanned: Well, this is kind of a two part answer. Firstly, I think I came to ss14 with a very different expectation about what this game was. I came here looking for a Free Software (open source as many people say) alternative to ss13 after seeing and listening to many ss13 stories on youtube. The youtube stories painted ss13 an anarchy simulator and that sounded very fun to me.


So, I got here and did that. And, at the time, it didn’t seem to be a problem considering the account system was basically choose a user name and everyone kind of just did whatever before the rules came in. So, I was very happy with that.


I learned a lot about the controls, how to get into places, and generally kind of just trolled. So, yeah, I would welder bomb, turn grav off, cut the lights, etc. There were not a lot of people playing back then. In a game where you can clone someone back to life and just restart the match if everyone died; everything seemed so informal and I didn’t understand why anyone would be too mad over stuff like this.


I very much liked the charm of the idea of a game where you could start as a clown, pie a captain, take his PDA, order shot guns, murder half the crew, and then just clone players back or restart match when done.


So, considering the game was what I wanted from it back then; I kind of felt that the rules were very oppressive to my play style. I frankly just ignored them until perma banning became difficult to bypass.


I’m asking to be unbanned because it looks like the game has a larger player base now, has more functional mechanics, and I miss it. I also never really did give intended play a try. So, there might be some fun there to be had. There appears to be a new musician role that might be fun. I did enjoy playing midis.


Anything else we should know: Someone really should host an anarchy server for just messing around in without having to fear being banned. I miss the old style of play when this was getting going and everyone just did everything without worrying about bans. I found that way more fun. It seems a shame every server (that I found) has a giant rules list on it that bans that style of play point, by point, by point. Other games, like minecraft, have anarchy servers for that reason. So that people who do want to just mess around on a server together can do that. I can understand that it would not be able to be an official server. But, there really ought to at least by one server for that.

Do you know how bad of a look it is when you don’t even know what account you got banned for ban evading on

Do you think a 1 month ban for every alt you made is fair.

20 hours ago, metalgearsloth said:

Do you think a 1 month ban for every alt you made is fair.

That sounds fine. Not sure how we’d figure that out though; unless you can see that on your side somehow. I’ve been banned for some months already. So, not exactly sure what that would work out to.

I’ve updated your ban considering time served since September 2021 so it should elapse in several months.


I also suggest you don’t make any more or test your alts (again) as I’ll make it perma.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals