Ban appeal

my ss14 account name  larker

my character name is lark

type of game ban permanent 

reason for ban shooting team mates 

the server i was banned in  wizards den lizard us west

my side of the story i was bolted in in the Armory and i thought it would be smart to shoot my way out of the Armory but there was people helping me but every time i kept trying to shoot it wouldn’t let me (maybe it was jammed) but as soon as the door opened it now let me shoot i didn’t mean to shoot anyone i mean its pretty obvious that if i wanted to grief or just kill for the hell of it i wouldn’t have stopped but no i stopped as soon as i saw the door open but it was like 2 seconds and of course i couldn’t type fast enough to tell them but ill admit i was stupid but come-on i shot 2 times by accident and i get banned cause everyone thought i shot at them there’s a whole story of what happened on discord stories

do i think i should be unbanned a lil bit of yes and no first off i am new kind of getting used to the ropes again ill admit i was kind of bad when i started playing when this is done being typed it would be like 10 hours ago is when i started but come-on you can expect a new player to know every mechanic who knows why the gun didn’t fire the first time maybe it was jammed maybe i was being stupid and didn’t click a right button but i was being annoying to people not overly rude more rp rude random searches and telling people to get to work and stuff and yeah i did pick fights with a couple of people but mostly they are either clowns that trip me    

My two cents from the two rounds prior to this I interacted with you as a fellow secuirty officer while there were no admins:

You seemed to constantly be abrasive to other players and looking to pick fights with other crew members. You beat crew members while trying to arrest them and generally didn’t have a very good understanding of how to detain someone. Several times the rest of security had to intervene. You threatened to break the legs of someone I had detained because they made a vauge comment to you. You took a corpse we were trying to get from security to cloning and dumped it uncerimoniously in a brig cell and tried to leave it there.

During this particular round of the appeal, you upgraded to head of secuirty and managed to lock yourself in the gear room with your own door remote. Despite being told multiple times that we were getting you out (and demoting you due to inexperience) you were still dead set on shooting lethal weapons in our direction even after we told you not to in an effort to break your way out. Naturally, when the door opened and you either accidentally or purposefully shot us after telling you several times to just wait for us to unbolt you, we responded back in kind.

If your do get appealed I think you should take a really good portion of time playing other roles first and listening to other players.

In my defense i wanted the corspe out of the way i did make a misstake of putting it in the brig second i mean is that not rp? I thought it was i said i was gonna breake his legs did i do it no of course not and i thought i was bolted in i kept pressing the door control it wpuldnt open?

Hi larker,

I’ve reviewed your appeal, and it seems more-so of an extreme case of incompetence. Your behavior to other players is however abysmal and extremely rude. Try to avoid such behavior.

This ban  will be reduced  to one week from now, 05-27-2022, to 06-03-2022,  and you will be role-banned from all security roles until they are appealed at a later date , when you have learned the game more hands-on.

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