Ban Appeal

SS14 account: Engini
Character name: Paul Osterwise (i dont put much mind in character name so i could get it wrong)
Type of Ban: game and job ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 01.06.2022 20:30 (CEST) game ban - 2880 minutes, security job ban - pernament
Reason for Ban: “shooting command roles as sec officer”
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizard’s Den Lizard
Your side of the story:

Briefly but with details. Me (Head Of Security) and other officers received many reports from various people that one of the players (I do not remember the name) is a syndicate.
we set off to arrest him, during the arrest he escaped attacking the officers, which added another charge.
During his transport to the detention center, the HoP and his assistants began to drag him away from us without giving any explanation.
In the midst of the commotion they caused, they took a lot of non-lethal equipment from the post or let passers-by to steal it, whose presence and behavior they ignored, and we couldn't do much ourselves, constantly being knocked over or tased.
in the end, we had to let go because there were fewer of us and we didn't have the equipment. Meanwhile, the arrested and HoP I others kept saying something about "party" or "fun" in the command.
Then we started to suspect that Hop and command might be working with the syndicate. so we decided to attack the bridge. due to the fact that we had practically no equipment anymore and someone opened the armory, the only choice was the lethal weapon.
Every bodyguard involved in the attack had the same suspicions and confidence in what we are doing. We attacked the bridge, seriously wounding and as it turned out, probably killing 2-3 personnel from the command before we were defeated
by people who with command stole our equipment
to date, we have not received any explanation as to why the HoP was interfering with our duties, other than insults in our direction.

Why you think you should be unbanned:

I will not say that the ban I received is unjustified, but the punishment is incommensurate with the guilt which is partly borne by the command which avoided cooperation with us and decided to fight us. I agree that a temporary ban may be appropriate, but a permanent ban on using the role is an exaggeration.

Anything else we should know: nothing for now

Edit: We informed one of the command about our suspicions but he responded only with something around “I dont care” and “it sounds like your problem not mine”

This is an alternate account of your main account. The ban for both accounts has been extended to appeal-only. You will need to explain, in a new appeal , why your second account exists.

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From Rejected to Ban Appeals