Ban Appeal

SS14 account: IronFist
Character name: Slick Handson
Type of Ban: Game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 1 Day to Perma ban
Reason for Ban: Throwing 8+ Flashbangs at a group of people causing blindness and stun-lock. “Ban escalated due to quantity of bans. Appeal at”
Server you were playing on when banned: Wizards Den lizard
When was the ban: 15/06/2022
Your side of the story: While playing a round in Moose, I managed to get my hands on a stockpile full of flashbangs at SEC. Once I left the place I spotted a big group of people in front of the cafeteria and decided to use all my flashbangs at my disposal but before I could use all of them I was ghosted by Stealth16 and banned for this incident.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Don’t think I will since this is has changed from 1 day to perma ban due to my multiple bans and appeals but at least I can pat myself in the back for staying off radar for at least a month and some days. I guess since this is the last time I’ll also mention that I had fun playing the game since I started and hope to see it progress more and more each passing day.
Anything else we should know: On my last appeal, it was mentioned that I could not appeal again if I got banned again so I’m not quite sure if that was still in effect since the server mentioned I had to appeal but I understand if it still does. Peace anyways.


When I banned you I told you that you could appeal the jobban. That is incorrect. As per your last appeal, you are permanently banned from clown, mime and musician without appeal. You will not be able to play those roles on the Wizard Den servers again.

You CAN appeal your game ban. This will probably take a while because we have a lot to discuss internally and I can’t guarantee that you’ll be let back in.


Thanks for the quick reply. Yea apologize if I misread on what you told me before and I’m ok with the job ban.

Overall, as much as I appreciate your effort. If all else fails with your best attempt then I’m alright with it any outcome. It’s just that if that’s how it’s going to be then I won’t bother trying.

Hi IronFist,

We’ve reviewed your appeal, and have come to a verdict. 

Due to your extensive history of improper behavior and inappropriate interactions with various players, it has been decided that,  your ban will remain, and will not be lifted at this time.

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