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[Bobbybigplays] - [circumventing a ban]

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SS14 account: Bobbybigplays
Character name: Azeel-Milos i think ?.
Type of Ban: permanent if i read it correctly
Date of Ban and Duration: banned yesterday.
Reason for Ban: First for ‘‘unwanted roleplay with deadly outcome’’ 1 day, then i tried to go around it and got an indefinite ban.
Server you were playing on when banned:  Lizard US West
Your side of the story: I didnt like that i was banned so i tried to make a 2nd account and it backfired.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I kinda like the game and this is the only really active english server so it would be a bummer if i could not play anymore.
Anything else we should know: Not really, i just didnt agree with it and instead of arguing i just wanted to play. I was really angry then since i didnt expect to be banned for a little roleplay. I mean we all killed that guy but the round ended 1 min later so no real harm was done to anyone even if he was angry about it. i am however not angry anymore though. Lection learned i suppose.

Bummer that you tried to evade your ban instead of restraining yourself for 24 hours. The tolerance for ban evasion attempts is zero. You can demonstrate that you learned your lesson by appealing six months from now (04/26/2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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