Ban Appeal

I was banned for a period of 24 hours for killing to many people with grenades as a syndicate antagonist. The round was a 100 player game on the tiny map cluster. Using explosive grenades as a way to elmiminate your targets is in my opinion a very legitimate way of killing a target, especially in a situation where being alone with a target is not going to happen due to the 100 players on a station made for 20. Firstly i was warned to try to not kill to many people with a grenade in which i responded that i killed my target. Then the admin revived my dead target meaning i still had to kill my target. I tried to choose a time to use a greande on my target when less people were around however with 100 people it isnt easy. Then i received my ban.

I feel as though had this been a different map then there owuldnt have been that many casualties and cornering and dealing with the targets in a more covert manner would have been possible. But on such a small map using any sort of firearm would have altered everyone to my identity, the explosive has no sound and a short trigger and can be easily placed in bags or hidden behind targets who are stationary making it very useful for situations where u have to eliminate someone in full view of half the station. More casualties occured, more than nessesary due to the fact my target was revived by admin intervention after i had elminated them.

I was banned a week for disccusing a game currently in progress however there is no mention in the discord rules of this being a breach of the rules. I did however mention a game ban on the forum however i feel as though i was baited as the moderator mentioned why i was banned on the general discord and i tried to explain my reasoning and this is probably why my ban isnt for mentioning a ban but for discussing a game on the forum.

Then i was also discord banned for 24 hours for discussing a game currently in progress.

I am not reading any of this because you didn’t even bother to follow the appeal template.

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