Ban Appeal


Banned from server brainfood1183 for 7 days, banned from discord brainfood#7460 for 24hr

= For game bans =

account name: brainfood1183
Character name: burt donut
Type of Ban: game ban
Date of Ban and Duration: 2nd of december 2022
Reason for Ban:  continued discussion of an ongoing round on the discord after having been banned. (7 day game ban)
Server you were playing on when banned: lizard
Your side of the story: I think i was initially banned for using grenades to kill my target as a syndicate which also caused the deaths of some bystanders although it might have initally been for discussing a game currently in progress on the discord which would explain my increase in ban. My game ban was for 24 hours but later increased to 7 days for speaking about the current round on the discord.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Having 100 players on cluster is not an ideal situation, you are bound to have unwanted deaths. I feel like my weapon of choice was pefect for the situaiton, i wasnt going to be able to corner or be alone with my target when you couldnt move for other players. The explosive greande has a short timer, makes no beeping noise and can easily be placed inside bags or hidden behind a still target making it ideal. A gun would have altered everyone to my identity very quickly. Discussing a round that is currently ongoing on the discord is not listed as a rule breach on the discord rules (if this is listed as a rules breach in the server rules then i am sorry and i am currently struggling to find the server rules).
Anything else we should know: I was intially asked to change my name from burt sexley, a name i have had since august with no admins complaining about my name until the 2nd of december which i complied with.

= For Discord bans =

Discord account: brainfood# 7460

Banning admin: it is a 24 hour cool off period, not sure admins name
Ban reason: discussing a game currently in progress.
When was the ban: 2nd of december 2022
Your side of the story: I was baited into responding by an admin.
Why you think you should be unbanned: Discussing games currently in progress is not against the current listed discord rules.


First, this is laid out in the channel description and I feel like you have been around long enough to know or see another user get swatted for talking about ongoing rounds or bans in general; it happens often enough that you can’t usually go a few days without someone doing both of those.


Second, I’d like to point out that direct violence on your part is not the only way to satisfy a kill objective, especially not repeatedly bombing things when a playtest is going on and people are trying to enjoy the game. Subterfuge or social engineering can and should be used instead of indiscriminately attacking everyone in the area your target happens to be to the detriment of the game, especially after you do it when an admin tells you not to.

I also do not think you were “baited” into responding by an admin. Moony gave you a polite but firm request to reduce the amount of destruction and collateral damage you were causing. 


This was at 5:51 PM. You shortly after (seven minutes later) decide to pop into the general channel and complain that you were messaged by an admin, completely unprompted.


Someone asked the innocent question of “how do you kill too many people” to which moony replied directly to them explaining that you can bomb the bar and medbay repeatedly. Nowhere did anyone directly ask you what caused you to get banned or what you did. You started explaining that unprompted on your own, and again after you got banned for discussing the round before it was finished. And then someone else stepped in and extended your ban again since you were not taking the hint that you need to not discuss the round before it is finished.

I don’t think anyone “baited you” into anything here. 

well fair enough. However i do think it should be added to the discord rules seaction to make it clearer unless there are channels where u can discuss current rounds and maybe a warning about discussing current round would be nice before  getting an immediate ban. Also it is listed as a ban on the discord i assume for the discord channel of general but it isnt listed as a discord wide ban so u could asume u would get a ban from the general channel as opposed to the discord server. Also where is it listed that the ban is also for ingame and not for just the discord? (not saying it isnt listed for ingame as well but i cant find it). I didnt realize that doing something on the discord could result in also getting a game ban.

There is a 24hr discord timeout which was to get you to stop posting about ongoing rounds. Discord timeouts prevent the user from posting anywhere for the specified time period. If we can’t trust you to post in general we’re not going to trust you to post elsewhere.

The game ban is separate. We have and will issue game bans for actions within the discord, especially if it involves actions that take place or took place in-game. We will also adjust game bans as appropriate if users immediately come to the discord server to talk to everyone about how they got banned; which is why there is a rule against talking about bans as well.

We are not interested in removing the 24hr timeout from discord, but we will discuss reducing your game ban duration. Murderboning charge aside, talking about the game outside of the game is considered metacommunication and will usually result in an indefinite ban. This is very clearly outlined in our ingame rules:


Don’t communicate in-game/in-character information through methods outside of the game

While I do feel it is unreasonable to permanently ban someone for discussing the ongoing round in wizden general because it is the one type of metacomming we can actually police, rules as written dictate that you would be facing an appeal-only ban, not a one week ban for doing this.

You can find a detailed outline of our server rules at

I think this is very fair. Thankyou for taking the time to review this case. I will also remove the antag role from my list of prefered roles since i guess there is some confusion as to what is allowed on my part.


Oh  i would like to clarify the baited thing a little. The bait has caused a bit of confusion and i see lonesoldier probably assumed it was from the image with moony comment at the top. But the bait was more to do with the fact that i posted about the game in session but at no point did anyone step in and say that is was against the rules or warn me about it or say you would get an extended ban etc. Instead i was allowed to essentially dig my own grave.

Then i was hit with the news that i was banned already for doing this and was now continuing to do it. My initial ban wasn’t for this and if my ban was altered well there wasn’t any way of me knowing this since i was already banned so i wasn’t going to see the increase in ban. As soon as i was made aware i was breaking the rules i kept quiet.

This is what i meant by being baited. I thought it was understood but i guess not. So yes i broke the rules but i at least stopped breaking the rules as soon as it was pointed out that i was breaking the rules. There was no other warning prior to this ban from those that did know better. This is why i felt baited.



I would also like to mention that i hope the context of what was said would also be taken into account. I don’t believe what was mentioned had any real impact on the players currently playing the game. No real useful information could be gained from it that might give any other player an advantage. I did not name my own character, my targets character, the departments we worked in or the locations these events took place. it was about an event that took place 10 minutes prior and wasnt current or a future event. I didn’t leak key information such as a traitors name, future plans, the locations of corpses or anything that any player could use to gain an unfair advantage. I didn’t post images of the ingame events or of the admin convesation ingame between me and the admin. The relevancy to the game currently in progress was minimal at best. All that was mentioned was i planted some explosives, i killed my target 2x and i was banned.

Let me just re-iterate the elements of this offense:

  1. You went over-the-top on trying to kill your assassination target (twice) on a cramped station during a playtest where many players were trying to enjoy the game. Antagonist or not, blowing up 15 people repeatedly just to get your objective done was at the detriment of the round quality itself. You were told this firmly by another administrator. There are plenty of other ways to try and kill people without causing massive collateral damage, or you could have just not pursued the objective.

  2. You immediately complained about being “told off” by an admin in the discord. This is and has been against the rules. Even if not explicitly written out, most people can see this is in bad taste and nobody wants to read about your dirty laundry between you and another administrator.

  3. You continued to talk about your ban and revealed in-round events. The “information revealed having impact” is irrelevant. Any information about the round revealed can potentially reveal details that another person can use which they would not normally have access to. Leaking any current-round information is strictly forbidden no matter what it is to avoid rule lawyering like you’re trying to do.

Unanimous decision has been to deny this appeal. You can wait this one out.

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