Ban appeal

= Ban appeal =

[Your SS14 Account Username : ChocolateSmoresCandy discord : Romy#5259] - [Summarized Reason for ban : I was playing as an antagonist and go upset that I was killed by a gray jacket wearing one of my teams syndicate suits and called them a “retard”

SS14 account username: [ChocolateSmoresCandy]
Ban reason: [slurs]
Date of ban: [Jan 13]
Length of ban: [appeal only]
Events leading to the ban: [Well I was playing as a syndicate and got killed in game by a gray jacket who stole my team mates syndicate suit I just got angry and called him a “retard” in game after he got killed]
Reason the ban should be removed: [Explain why you feel the ban should be removed, either that the ban was inappropriate or that you no longer need to be banned to prevent issues] :

I feel like moderation is extremely heavy it’s hard sometimes for people to control their emotions if they don’t have any effective coping mechanisms I really like the game a lot and wish i could start playing again. It’s fine if you don’t un

ban me I get it you’re trying to protect your community from toxicity but it’s natural that people have emotional out bursts with games sometimes I was not thinking straight.

Hi, let me just clear up some confusion. This ban was so heavy handed for the use of “faggot” as seen here:


Slurs such as this are zero-tolerance on Wizard’s Den servers.

Furthermore, you have attempted numerous times to evade your ban and you are currently attempting to appeal on an account you attempted to evade your ban on. This appeal is denied for ban evasion attempts. You may only appeal this ban six months after your last attempt (Aug. 13, 2023) and only with a voucher of good behavior from another SS13/SS14 server.

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