Ban appeal

SS14 account username: vladimir_pootis

Ban reason: N-word Usage

Date of ban: Several years ago

Length of ban: appeal only

Events leading to the ban: I wont sugarcoat it, I dont remember all the details, but I said the N-word.

Reason the ban should be removed: Over the last few years ive lerned alot and have come to understand why what I was doing is wrong. I know now that its not ok to use such language, and have improved as a person. I would like to be able to play again, and would promise to not repeat my previous actions. I understand whichever choice you make, as what I did could have seriously offended someone. Thank you for your consideration.

Looks like you not only used the N-word but you:

  1. Harassed our staff in the discord

  2. Posted WGW on the forums

  3. Are attempting to appeal on one of the many accounts you attempted to ban evade on

This ban is not appealable. Go away.

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