Ban appeal

i have been banned for not using the first, middle and last name format which due to the name ‘budknightwu’ does fill that criteria but only without the spaces, i complied but later forgot to change it, this was told to me two or one week before the ban. i have been banned by i assume a different admin. i shouldnt be banned just because i forgot to put a space in my name and asking how to use triggers to make bombs. the specific bomb i wanted to make was the fire extinguishing foam grenade which is a non-griefing item. reasons for the ban are absolutely ridiculous and i wonder how this server retains such a pop with an admin like that.

Hello there. A few things I would like to mention. 

Firstly, please use the appeal format attached below if you want your appeal to be considered:

Secondly, this appeal is naturally denied due to your sudden outburst shown in this area. To my knowledge, you posted it as a direct result of a moderator in our discord asking you not to discuss your ban here. The post is shown here:\_fromLogin=1&do=embed

Thirdly, I would like to explain why you were banned. You weren’t banned specifically because of the lack of a name change, but rather because you disconnected while being questioned by an admin. The policy is put into place because many people assumed that they can escape questioning by disconnecting. We have the appeals process so you can have the opportunity to explain yourself, in addition to appealing a ban. 

This appeal is denied. You are free to appeal in one (1) month. However, we kindly suggest you fix your behavior during the next appeal and acquire a voucher of good behavior from another server if you want your appeal to be seriously considered. 

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