Ban appeal

SS14 account username: Saiiryn
Role(s): Security department
Date of ban: 5/20/23
Length of ban: Single week
Events leading to the ban: I was gibbing syndicate without the captains permission, I had gibbed about 3 to see if they also had implants.
Reason the ban should be removed: I have no prior track record, of such behavior I am asking this to be taken a step down to a warning, so I have some chance to write my wrongs.

Contextual information for those who handle this appeal since I was the banning admin:

You tried to go through the captain to get permission. When you didn’t get it, you told other participants in the gibbing “not to tell cap”, which indicates to me you knew what you were doing was wrong to begin with. You were also gibbing captured individuals to check for implants despite having no reason to believe anyone had an implant. This is general resulted in a lot of disorder and several players upset they had been gibbed for little/no reason despite having noslips or a syndicate radio for instance.

The admin team has decided to not accept this appeal, maintaining the role bans until their expiration. This role ban is so limited in scope and time that it is effectively a warning. Given that you gibbed multiple people, and seem to have known that you were not meeting execution requirements, it likely would have been appropriate to place a game ban along with a long security and command role ban.

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