Ban appeal

SS14 account username:  cabban
Ban reason:  metacommunications and mass rdm in medbay
Date of ban:  10 of june
Length of ban:  its a permaban
Events leading to the ban: i was new to the game and i was having fun but i didint follow the rulesand i wanted to have fun with my friend
Reason the ban should be removed: I loved the game you guys made and I grew attached to it but I feel a permaban is a bit too much I feel like a month of being ban and or two would be more deserved, I am sorry for what I did and if you unban and I break a rule permaban me forever, once again I am sorry and I hope you have a great day.

If you think “a month or two” ban is okay for metacommunicating with another user to kill as many people as you could in medbay before dying and immediately logging off then you can stand to appeal again in a week (June 26th, 2023). That will put you at about three weeks.

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