Ban Appeal

Kraaz - Making things difficult for sec

Ban reason: Had ran into sec, stolen sec clothes and a baton, declared I was security, asked to be officially be security, resisted arrest and thrown into perma.
Length of ban: 2,880 minutes
Events leading to the ban: There was a riot out side of sec that was brewing and at the time I had wanted to become a sec officer, I then thought it would be funny to jump inside and dess-up as one (I only took a baton, no cuffs, weapons or lethals) and declared myself a sec off in the room full of people who knew I wasn’t. I did this as a joke and then asked the hos to be one, I hadn’t realized how bad the riot was getting and the attempted to arrest me so I ran. I then heard there were nukies so I returned to try and help and saw it wasn’t true, then I was arrested again and I resisted arrest then was thrown into perma. At that point I was just trying to escape since I thought it was fun but didn’t know how much of a huge problem I was actually being for sec during the time of the riot. I was then beaten to death by the ward with a crow bar (I hadn’t attacked him first just tried to escape) and died.
Reason the ban should be removed: The reason I was given for why I was banned was due to having other warnings on my account, on which only one I was aware of. I will also say that I have not done anything relating to the reasons for those previous warnings since I had done the actions leading up to them. This was the first time I had done something like this and was only doing so with the intention of being goofy, not intentionally doing so in a time where sec was already having major problems and causing harm. I hadn’t done anything like this before and have seen others harass me when I was sec so I hadn’t thought it was a bannable offence. This is the first time iv ever gotten a ban and would have at least appreciated a warning to not do such a thing of this nature / be warned that it would lead to a ban instead of an instant ban.

ban pic.JPG

As I said before, I definitely was being a drag on man power and apologize for my distracting and troublemaking behavior. I don’t plan to do so again and will be more considerate of my actions and the way it affects the other players.

You were previously warned about a very similar issue with stealing encryption keys as a non antag passenger which sounds pretty related and participating in a riot with the reasoning you’ve seen other people grief sec is not the best excuse to validate that your grief should be permitted.

I’ve reviewed the ban it meets our banning policy for such issues, The ban stands but is now expired. 

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