Ban Appeal

Ban reason: Sexism. Said “Woman moment” whilst being arrested by a female security officer.

Length of ban: Until appealed

Events leading to the ban: playing clown, sec-off stun baton’d me at door, arrested me, said “woman moment” while he/she was stripping me, told me I was getting extra time for that so I just suicided it was already Evac

Reason the ban should be removed: Admin messaged me probably a few minutes after I died asking “what did I mean by that” id already forgotten all about it, told him it was a joke and wasent meant maliciously, I see it was in bad taste and that it broke the rule of sexism regardless of the context or if it was used maliciously, wont happen again I really don’t even wanna risk another ban

Admin consensus is to reduce this ban from indefinite to timed. You will be banned from wizard den servers in 3 weeks (March 7, 2024). I would heavily advise you to reread the rules before logging back onto any WizDen servers. 

From Accepted to Ban Appeals