Ban appeals in game "appears to have been killing people with charms"(admind)

idk what i have to do fully but i got banned for this but i do have to say something first I only used it on myself and gave the charm to another person who said there wanted to explode so i gave it to them and there took it but there said yes to it that’s all I got to say riley.

Any appeals that don’t follow the template will be denied.
(Note: I’m not an admin, that’s just what they do every time.)

Template is here:


SS14 account username: gthbryce
Ban reason:" appears to have been killing people with charms" Date of ban: 1/23/2023
Length of ban: im not sure it dose not say
Events leading to the ban: ok so the captin was wanting us to make toxic cherms so we all were then a guard came and tryed to take me over cap not wanting to do it any more and was going to take me to jail so the other person who was helping me thow down something that started to kill him then i ran after a little he got me and then he fell on the ground while takeing me to security and some one unhand cuffed me and i ran back to the person who was helping make the charms he said he wanted to explode so i gave him a charm to do so he injacked it into himself and i did too and then i had to get off and i was dieing so i left. Reason the ban should be removed: because i love this game and i was not killing people i just did it to myself and my baseily team mate wanted to explode so ya and ps i love your servers.

I’m sorry I forgot to add this and cannot edit, Leath was appeal needed to be submitted. 

Also if you wanted to know exactly why I had to leave the game my dog pee on my carpet so I had to get off the game immediately.













































This appeal is denied by unanimous vote of the administration team. You may appeal again in a month. If you do, please follow the appeal template and put in the basic level of effort to make your appeal legible.

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